Peerless by Tymphany

Peerless by Tymphany - consistently good quality "Made in Denmark

Never be satisfied with what you have achieved: This attitude has been instrumental in the success of the Peerless by Tymphany brand. As the manufacturer of the world-renowned Peerless woofers, high-quality premium products can always be offered for all areas of application.

The STW Series - Small Enclosure, Big Bass

Particularly popular is, among other things, the 15-inch subwoofer STW-350F-188PRO01-04. This subwoofer from the Peerless brand produces clear and clean sound reproduction even in the deepest bass cellar. Even at high output levels, distortion levels remain minimal. Thanks to the high moving mass, low Vas values and a huge 188 mm voice coil, the STW-350 can be mounted in a much smaller cabinet than other subwoofers. The STW series woofers place a special focus on performance and space requirements. This ensures clean reproduction of low frequencies while maintaining low distortion. High performance and reliability are other important features of the STW product line.

XXLS Series - The ultimate bass monsters

But also the subwoofers of the world-famous Peerless XXLS series, for example the XXLS-P835016, could ensure that Peerless enjoys the reputation of providing the highest quality components for the low frequency range. The bass monster XXLS-P835016 inspires thereby with an extremely durable aluminum cone as well as a visually sophisticated aluminum cast frame.

NE123W - Perfect reproduction, high low distortion

Also the 4-inch neodymium woofer NE123W from Peerless has become a real top seller. No wonder, it convinces with a high fidelity as well as low distortion. The advanced sculptural design thereby improves airflow and reduces reflections. The woofer also features a high-strength neodymium magnet system, a natural wood fiber cone with half-roll rubber surround, and a cast aluminum frame to promote motor cooling.