SMD (Steve Meade Designs) is an enthusiastic car hi-fi perfectionist from the USA. For over 30 years Steve Meade has been an icon and has impressed the car hifi world with his installations and brought them to a new level.

But this level was not enough for Steve Meade and so nowadays he produces accessories for the CarHifi market, which pushes the development further. In addition to the very useful and high quality magnetic subwoofer terminals, the CNC machined fuse holders and voltage and dB meters, he has also teamed up with the high end electronics manufacturer D'Amore Engineering. The result are 3 measuring devices, which you can find in our shop, exclusively on the German market.

With the SMD DD-1+ (Distortion Detector) you can level your amplifier correctly without the danger of clipping.

With the IM-SG+ Impedance Meter and Signal Generator you can measure the impedance rise of your subwoofer in the cabinet, or the resistance of your connections or cable runs.

With the AMM-1 Audio Multimeter you can measure the real power of your amplifier and the TSP (Thiele-Small-Parameter) of your loudspeaker even with a simple handy device. In addition, you can also make sure that your speakers do not fail due to clipping in the signal.