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Four Connect

Four Connect - developed by passionate enthusiasts

The Finnish manufacturer Four Connect - a subsidiary of AI GROUP - was founded in 2004 by a group of passionate car audio enthusiasts whose competitive history dates back to the 1990s. As a result, the Four Connect developers have already secured several European championship titles in the course of their careers. Four Connect was founded with the aim of manufacturing products that satisfy not only the demands of its customers, but also those of its developers. Four Connect's portfolio includes power, speaker and RCA cables, ring terminals, fuse and power distribution blocks and clamps, and power kits for easy amplifier connection.

Four Connect Power Voltmeter - calibratable voltage display

One of the top sellers of the manufacturer is the Four Connect Power Voltmeter, a voltage indicator with integrated plus and minus connection for voltage measurement and supply. By means of calibration, the exact voltage can thus be displayed. With the Four Connect 4-800331 50 mm² Mini-ANL/ANL combination fuse holder made of copper - another highlight of the brand - is a real high-end fuse holder for power cables of sizes 20 mm² to 50 mm². The heavy-duty copper busbars are covered by a smoke-grey plastic cap. The special feature of this fuse holder is the possibility of parallel connection of several fuse holders as well as the use of ANL and mini ANL fuses. If two fuses are used, the current-carrying capacity is correspondingly higher.

Ultra-flexible power cable made of oxygen-free copper

The Stage2 Ultra-Flex OFC power cable from Four Connect are particularly suitable as ground and battery cables or as an alternative to original cables to improve conductivity. Made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper, the insulation of the cables is made of silicone-based rubber, which loses none of its elasticity even in cold climates. Thanks to a twisted bundle structure, the Stage2 Ultra-Flex power cables have an extreme flexibility, moreover, induced interference from surrounding electronic devices is massively reduced.

Terminal adapter for doubling the cable cross-sectional area

By means of the 4-600111 Terminal adapter 50/2x50 mm² from Four Connect, the cable cross-section area of the amplifier can be doubled to ensure a lower loss with regard to the battery voltage to be transmitted. Thanks to an included plastic protective cover, the adapter, which is made of aluminum, can be connected safely without the risk of a short circuit.

FOUR is presented by AI GROUP. It was founded in Finland in November 2004. By a car audio enthusiast who has a passion. The products are developed by him and other enthusiasts. They have a competitive history that goes back to the 1990s. In their career, they have won several European championships. The passion to make products they would love to use themselves, products developed by people who use them in real life. This is the story of FOUR. And this story will continue for a long time.

Four Connect highlights include the following product groups:

  • Power cables in OFC copper from 10mm² to 70mm².
  • RCA / Interconnect RCA cables from entry level to high end
  • Ring cable lugs in copper
  • Blocks / terminals for power distribution and fuse protection
  • Power kits for quick connection of an amplifier in the car
  • Speaker cables from 1.5mm² to 4mm²