3" (8cm) Mitteltöner

3" (8cm) midrange driver

3" midrange driver - all-rounder with high-end sound

In order to bring out all the details of your favorite music with precision, a powerful midrange driver is indispensable. The use of a 3 inch midrange driver allows the uncompromising production of a high-quality sound image. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Scanspeak DISCOVERY 5F/8422T01, Blam LM80, Audio System EX 80 PHASE EVO3, BRIDGE MASTERSTROKE SS-35. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Scanspeak, Blam, STEG, Audio System.

How does a midrange driver improve the sound experience?

3 inch midrange drivers come in a Car hifi system most frequently used in a car hi-fi system. In contrast to the 2-inch variants, these midrange speakers have a higher output. With this speaker size, installation in the A-pillar is still possible. Alternatively, the sound-strong all-rounder can be installed in the upper door area.

When does a midrange driver make sense?

Since midrange speakers cover all frequencies between the low and high tones, they form the basis in a sound system. So-called full-range loudspeakers are capable of reproducing high frequencies up to 20 kHz and at the same time take over the task of a tweeter. A midrange driver of this type is always recommendable if the renunciation of a separate tweeter is in the foreground.

How wideband midrange drivers work

Many midrange drivers are full-range speakers. These have a single diaphragm and cover like coaxial speakers cover the entire frequency spectrum of the mid and high ranges. The production of these loudspeakers is quite difficult, which is why we have filtered out the most powerful models and offer them in our assortment.

Which manufacturers does Masori offer?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 8 cm midrange drivers from the following manufacturers: ARC Audio, Audio System, Blam, DLS, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Morel, Musway , Peerless By Tymphany, SB Acoustics, Scanspeak, Sky High Car Audio, STEG, Tang band


A 3 inch midrange speaker convinces with a high degree of installation friendliness and guarantees an efficient sound experience during the car ride. In the form of a full range driver, the speaker provides a even sound reproduction within a powerful power spectrum.