18" (46cm) Subwoofer

18" (46cm) subwoofer

18 inch (46cm) subwoofer - the bass monster

Subwoofers are indispensable for extreme bass. Ideally, the optimal subwoofer is adapted to the car. However, who 18 inch subwoofer is not simply looking for the right subwoofer for his car. No, he is rather looking for the maximum performance and extreme bass that will make it windy in the car. Although even larger diameters exist, 46cm subwoofers are the largest still common dimension that is readily installed. Since we are no longer in a standard size here, it will be hard to find a good selection on the market. However, we still offer an assortment with several brands and price ranges from a few hundred to several exchanging euros. Among our most popular brands for 18 inch subwoofers are Pride Audio and For-X.

The perfect housing

The perfect subwoofer sound can only be achieved with a tuned enclosure. Of course, we also carry ready-made Enclosure subwooferbut these end at 12 inches. For our 18 inch subwoofers must be a individual enclosure here! In this way, the best performance is tickled out of the sub with the least space requirement. Fortunately, we offer custom enclosures. The process is simple: You first purchase your desired 46cm subwoofer in our store. After the purchase you go here to the customization for the cabinet. Search housing type (closed, bass reflex, bandpass) and wall thickness. In the further ordering process you give us all other relevant information: Your desired dimensions, the intended use and of course the selected 18 inch subwoofer model. We will contact you with our enclosure proposal and 2 to 4 weeks later we will deliver the perfect enclosure for your new sub.

Maximum low bass vs. space requirement

It is obvious that an 18 inch subwoofer needs a lot of space. maximum low bass can produce. Also, the bass level is excellent and this dimension provides great wind in the car. On the other hand, we do not want to leave unmentioned that the space requirement for a 46cm subwoofer should be planned exactly. A subwoofer needs space: the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength, the more air the subwoofer has to move. Since we are talking about frequencies of up to 10 Hz, the space requirement is naturally high. It is also obvious that a midrange driver with a 5cm outer diameter requires less space than a 46cm subwoofer. Therefore, plan well how the new subwoofer will be installed. You will have to sacrifice some space in your trunk. A suitable enclosure will need a volume of 150 liters or more. If you extreme sound performance you will have to make these sacrifices. But the performance will be worth it! Keep in mind that you can contact us for professional advice in case of doubt. You can reach us by Whatsapp or e-mail.

18 inch subwoofer - Our professional tip:

You now know that an 18 inch subwoofer requires a lot of space in the trunk. But it is also important that these subwoofer sizes are also enormous. Amplifier demand. Amplifiers with at least 2,000 watts RMS are usually necessary. You won't be able to get around an additional battery due to the high power requirements. This also makes sense when you look at the extreme performance of our top sellers: The "FOR-X X-418" comes up to 1,250 watts RMS, the "Edge Car Audio EDS18D2-E0 STREET-SERIES" even 1,800 watts RMS and the "Pride SV.3 18" even up to a whopping 4,000 watts RMS. Be sure to plan for this.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori are 46cm subwoofer currently available from the following manufacturers: American Bass, B2 Audi, Dayton Audio, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce, Edge Car Audio, FOR-X, Pride, Rockford Fosgate and Sundown Audio.


With an 18 inch subwoofer, stormy times await you in your car. The brutal performance will shake you up and you can experience your music in a way that is usually only possible in the front row of a concert. However, you also have to take into account the large space requirements and the suitable housing. It makes no sense to put a 46cm subwoofer half-heartedly in the trunk. Whether you need individual advice or a perfect enclosure from us - we are there for you!