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Here's what you should consider when choosing car speakers.

Size of the speakers

- Here there are mostly DIN sizes, such as 165mm for front system sets.
- Measure the original speakers and look for the measurement in our menu
- For questions about the matching speaker adapters and performance data please contact us!

Loudspeaker sensitivity

- Indicates how effectively the speakers convert power (watts) into volume (decibels).
- Speakers with higher sensitivity require less power.
- For a car radio with low power, you should prefer speakers with a high sensitivity.
- Speakers with a low sensitivity are better suited with car aftermarket amplifiers

Loudspeaker power handling

- Also referred to as WATT RMS (continuous power).
- This is the power (watts) that the speakers can handle
- The indication WATT RMS can also be found on amplifiers
- Rule of thumb: The Watt RMS specification of the speakers should be +/- 10% of the WATT RMS amplifier power.

1.type: car specific car speakers

- Retrofit car speakers fit perfectly into the already existing installation openings of your car
- There are already ready-made systems here, consisting of tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers
- Subwoofers are usually offered separately from the speaker set.
- The sets come including all necessary adapters
- We have for you car speaker systems for the brands: Audi, BMW, Mini, Fiat, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Opel, Toyota and VW in the program.

2. type: coaxial speaker

- Contain tweeter and woofer in one driver
- Advantage: you can cover the complete frequency response
- Coaxial speakers are usually sold in pairs
- The number of ways the sound is split is a good indication of the clarity and detail the coaxial speakers will produce.
- Excellent coaxial speakers are available from Vibe, for example, with the Slick6-V7, or JL Audio with the C1-650X

3rd type: component speakers

- Component speakers are separate units for each tweeter and woofer
- Usually with crossovers in the set that splits the sound for tweeter and woofer
- These sets offer sonic advantages to coaxial speakers in the doors because of the localization of the sound.

This is relevant when choosing a car subwoofer.


- Car subwoofers improve the sound of your existing car speakers by relieving them in the bass range.
- In addition, a subwoofer provides that extra punch and fun factor.
- There are several types of car subwoofers to choose from:
- Single Subwoofer Tone
- Enclosure subwoofers in closed or bass reflex enclosures,
- Active subwoofer (with integrated amplifier)
- Vehicle-specific subwoofers for the original installation openings

Single subwoofer chassis

- Single subwoofer drivers must be screwed into a subwoofer box
- Universal subwoofer enclosures you can find in our store.
- Subwoofer enclosures we also build you with our carpentry made to measure!
- The calculation and tuning of the housing we take over free of charge when buying a subwoofer with us.
- You need here always a retrofit amplifier to operate the subwoofer.
- Single subwoofers for the car offer the greatest possible flexibility in terms of: Installation position and performance data

Cabinet subwoofer

- In a car cabinet subwoofer is already the single subwoofer mounted in a perfectly matched housing
- Here you only have to mount a retrofit amplifier in the car
- An active car cabinet subwoofer already contains an amplifier

Carhifi is our destiny

We at masori love good sounds! For us, music is part of every car ride - whether it's hundreds of kilometers to relatives abroad, a relaxing cruise in good weather or just a quick trip to the supermarket. Every drive gets better with the right music. But this is where the best playlist nothing if the installed technology is inferior. No one wants to hear bland bass or distorted treble. That's why we've made it our mission to bring the in-car sound experience to a new level.

Incredible brand diversity

There are a great many components that make up a tuned sound system: Tweeters, mid-range drivers, woofer, subwoofer and Amplifier are only the first elements in a series of components that ultimately lead to the perfect sound. Many years of experience have shown that there are excellent manufacturers from all over the world. Each manufacturer has idiosyncrasies and special expertise in certain products. Although some brand fans may insist that a particular brand is the best, for us at masori one thing is certain: there are so many incredibly good productsThere are so many incredibly good products that you can put together an optimal sound system from different manufacturers - always adapted to your individual needs. For this reason, it is important to us to offer our customers a wide selection. Here we do not limit ourselves to the seal of quality "made in germany" and do not stop at the European borders either; we have the best manufacturers from all over the world in our comprehensive range. From Germany, of course, we carry well-known names such as Audio System, ESX or Musway. Among the top European brands we offer products from Edge Car Audio, Peerless by Tymphany or Scanspeak. On an international level we are working with products from Cerwin Vega, Deaf Bonce or Rockford Fosgate equipped. Each of the above brands and many others not listed has strengths and weaknesses that we balance with our large portfolio, as well as individual features to complement the established brands. Subwoofer from JL Audio, Tweeter from Ground Zero and Amplifier from Stetsom? No problem. You can find all brands in our store. Hence our motto: Not everything from one, but the best of many!

Everything the ear desires

Maybe you are a newcomer to Carhifi, maybe you are an old hand. In both cases you will find all the products you need at masori. It doesn't matter in which price range you are. We have products for every budget and every demand. It's no problem if you don't want to deal with your new sound system down to the last detail. Even with little effort you can achieve incredible results. For example, you could opt for a high-quality 2-way system with tweeter tweeter and bass-midrange driver. Alternatively we also carry Complete sets with amplifierwhere you get all the components you need. It is also possible that you will find the optimal system for your car among our vehicle-specific speakers. In this sector we currently offer components for, among others BMW, Audi, Fiat Ford, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen. The products are matched to the respective brands and make it easy for you to install a perfect sound system. But also the sound experts will be happy with us. To give you an idea of our huge assortment: Currently in our selection are 760 Subwoofer and 516 amplifier. Our midrange drivers start at under €20 and our most expensive woofer-midrange is €4,499. We carry custom cabinets, the popular JL Audio Stealthbox and all imaginable accessories: Tweeter capsules, Loudspeaker rings, Crossovers, Isolating relays, Capacitors or also Signal generator. We would be very surprised if you miss a product in our store.

Selection and service

Beside the selection a top service is also important to us. There is a reason why we have an average rating of 5 stars on Google and also the important "Trusted Shops" seal. We also have a 4.95 out of 5 rating on Trusted Shop with more than 100 reviews. The reason for this is simple: we do our best every day to guide audio fans to the perfect sound experience. We understand that the audio world can quickly become overwhelming for beginners. What dimensions should the right Enclosure Subwoofer have? What do I have to consider with the impedance? What does it have to do with the 4-channel amplifier damping factor and power terminal? For this reason, the consultation of our customers is close to our hearts. 2-way system or rather a 3-way system? Our experts will be happy to advise you. You will also be surprised how quickly we are at your side with our expertise. The best way to contact us is via Whatsapp, email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We will be happy to help you put together your system. By the way, delivery in Germany is free of charge for orders over 50 €. As international as our product selection is, as international is our shipping: We ship worldwide and there is no limit regarding size and weight of the packages. You can pay conveniently via PayPal, AmazonPay, credit card, bank transfer or 0% financing. But that's not all: We regularly have interesting deals for you, where you can save a lot. A subwoofer with 35% discount? That's always available in our 24 h Flash Sales. Order a high-end mono amplifier 200 € cheaper? No problem at masori. You will be amazed how many products we offer in changing offers. This makes shopping even more fun!


Car hifi is a topic that occupies us every day. We love good music and we love it even more when the music sounds through a high-quality sound system. So that you too can put together your perfect system, we offer you a unbelievably large assortment with brands and products from all over the world. We are happy to advise you with our years of experience and give you tips on the right components. With free shipping and our changing 24 hour sales you can save money. When you finally turn on your new Carhifi system for the first time, you will not want to leave your car.

The differences between the various car amplifiers.

What makes a car amplifier

- Aftermarket car amplifiers amplify the electrical signals and increase the power of the car radio
- Overall performance and quality of sound in the car is significantly improved
- Factory installed amplifiers are usually too small in size
- For retrofit speakers needed (to develop the better sound)
- Amplifiers are classified according to the number of channels (usually number of speakers) that you want to supply.

1-channel subwoofer amplifier

- A mono amplifier (or 1-channel amplifier) can power a single channel and is often used to add a subwoofer (or several in a series or parallel connection).
- Subwoofer amplifiers usually have a connection for a bass remote control for volume control of the bass.
- Subwoofer amplifiers usually require the use of an auxiliary battery (Lithium LiFePO4, AGM batteries, or Carhifi capacitors).

Multichannel amplifier

- 2-channel amplifiers can usually power two speakers, or a front system set with crossovers.
- 4-channel amplifiers can usually drive four speakers, or 2 speaker sets.
- So a sound system with one speaker and one subwoofer would require at least 3 amplifier channels.

DSP (Digital Signal Processors)

- A major advantage of digital processing is its accuracy.
- Nowadays, almost everything has a DSP chip in it. (smartphone, etc.)
- These DSP chips contain an analog-to-digital converter to convert the analog audio signal from the car radio into a series of ones and zeros
- The signal processor (DSP) provides the user with the ability to perform equalization, filtering, delay and amplitude adjustment,
- Only with a DSP you can achieve the best possible sound result.

DSP amplifier

- Almost every amplifier on the market has some level of signal processing built in.
- Sensitivity controls, crossovers, bass boost functions, etc.
- This is convenient and inexpensive, but rather inaccurate.
- And this is where the advantage of using DSP in a car amplifier appears. Here you can adjust everything exactly with your computer!

Amplifier cable sets

- Car amplifier cable sets provide all the cables you need to install the car amplifier.
- The power of the car amplifier is crucial in the selection, because the cross-section of the power cables, as well as the fuse in the set, must be adapted to the audio power of the amplifier.
- Amplifier wiring kits for use in cars come with basic power and ground cables, as well as fuses.
- Selected complete amplifier kits also include speaker cables, RCA interconnect cables, and more!