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VIABLUE produces Hi-Fi high-end cable and plug connections, as well as accessories for loudspeakers, including high-quality braided hoses and speaker terminals, which perfectly round off your Carhifi concept!

Vehicle specific loudspeakers

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Loudspeaker sets

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The New Evo 4.0 Series!

High End Class-D amplifier optimized for 1, 2 and 4 Ohm!

The EVO 4.0 series features the exclusive, patented "DTR technology", which always achieves an extremely high efficiency.

Carhifi in AWESOME!

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These are the values you should consider when choosing car speakers

Speaker size

First, decide if you only want to replace the existing speakers - in this case, you can simply measure the new speakers and insert them into the corresponding openings. If you want to install a completely new speaker system, a more complex installation is required. We will gladly support you with the appropriate adapters, which you can also find under our Carhifi accessories.

Loudspeaker sensitivity

This value indicates how effectively the speakers convert power (watts) to volume (decibels). Speakers with higher sensitivity require less power. So if you're using a low-powered car stereo, you'll want speakers with a high sensitivity, while speakers with a low sensitivity work well with high-powered car amplifiers.

Loudspeaker power handling

This rating, also known as WATT RMS (continuous power), refers to the power (watts) that the speakers can handle. To get the most out of your Carhifi system, you need speakers that can handle the power of the car amplifier. Speakers in a low power carhifi system don't need to be able to handle a lot of power and can therefore have a lower RMS rating, while a carhifi system with a powerful car amplifier needs speakers that have the same power as the car amplifier.

1.kind: car specific loudspeaker

Retrofit car speakers fit perfectly into the already existing installation openings of your car. There are already ready-made systems, consisting of car speakers such as the tweeters (for the treble), the mid-range speakers (for the voice reproduction), the woofers (for the mid-range and the kick) and car subwoofers (for the bass) under the seat or in the trunk. We offer these speaker systems as sets, which are bundled including all necessary adapters. We have for you car speaker systems for the brands: Audi, BMW, Mini, Fiat, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Opel, Toyota and VW in the program, so you can find a suitable Carhifi system for your car!

2. type: coaxial loudspeaker

Coaxial speakers are usually sold in pairs and contain multiple components such as tweeters and woofers in each speaker They split the audio frequencies coming from your car's amplifier into multiple speakers and route them to each coaxial speaker in the car. The number of ways the sound is split is a good indication of the clarity and detail the coaxial speakers will produce. Excellent coaxial speakers are available, for example, from Vibe with the Slick6-V7, or JL Audio with the C1-650X also for a small price, or even higher quality ones, also from JL Audio, or the high-end coaxial speakers from BLAM with the S165.80 C.

3. type: component loudspeaker

Component speakers are separate units for each tweeter and woofer, so you can mount them anywhere in your car to get the best sound. If you install your tweeters near (or in) the A-pillar, you'll get even clearer highs and a more vibrant sound experience. Component speaker systems often come with perfectly tuned crossovers to which both the tweeter and the animal midrange are connected. This distributes the frequencies coming from the amplifier to the correct loudspeaker and is therefore decisive for the good sound! Alternatively, the frequencies can also be adjusted with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) or the crossovers on the car radio or amplifier.


High End Alubutyl vehicle insulation at the lowest price!

These are the values you should consider when choosing a car subwoofer


Car subwoofers improve the sound of your existing car speakers by relieving them in the bass range. Plus, a subwoofer adds that extra punch and fun factor to your car! There are several types of car subwoofers to choose from, including single subwoofer drivers, cabinet subwoofers in closed or bass reflex enclosures, as well as active subwoofers (with integrated amplifier) and also vehicle-specific subwoofers for the original installation openings in the car.

Single subwoofer

If you choose a single subwoofer driver, you have to screw it into a subwoofer box. For this purpose, we already have suitable subwoofer empty housings for your car in our range. You also need a car amplifier to power the subwoofer. Single subwoofers for the car offer the greatest possible flexibility in terms of installation position (size available in the car), as well as the performance data of the car amplifier. We are happy to build and calculate a finished enclosure for you, alternatively we are also happy to provide free advice if you want to build your own enclosure!

Cabinet subwoofer

A car enclosure subwoofer comes with a subwoofer driver pre-mounted in a box. You only need to add a car amplifier to power the subwoofer.

An active car enclosure subwoofer already includes an amplifier and subwoofer in one enclosure for an all-in-one system. Most active subwoofers are compact and don't take up much space in your car, providing the quickest and easiest sound gain!

A vehicle-specific subwoofer is designed to fit your vehicle make and model.


The Deaf Bonce brand includes the Apocalypse, Doomsday, Machete and Hannibal product series. We round off the products with Avatar and Black Hydra from the Alphard Audio Group. All stand for professional car hifi and set new standards!

Basic things you should know about car amplifiers

What makes a car amplifier

External car amplifiers boost the electrical signals and increase the power of the car radio, greatly improving the overall performance and quality of the sound in the car.

Since the factory installed amplifiers, or those found in the car radio, are usually small, an external car amplifier is useful. Since subwoofers designed to reproduce low bass frequencies require significantly more power than the factory built-in amplifiers can provide, amplifiers for subwoofers are a necessity. Generally, amplifiers for your car radio are classified according to the number of channels you want to supply.

1-channel subwoofer amplifier

A mono amplifier (or 1-channel amplifier) can power a single speaker and is often used to add a subwoofer (or several in a series or parallel connection).

Subwoofer amplifiers usually have a connection for a bass remote control. These bass remotes are installed in the front of the car, or in the center console, so that the bass can be adjusted individually as needed for each piece of music.

Subwoofer amplifiers usually require the use of an additional battery (Lithium LiFePO4, AGM batteries, or Carhifi capacitors), because they sometimes require large currents. Here we will gladly advise you, which is the right solution for you!

Multichannel amplifier

Multi-channel amplifiers, such as 2-channel amplifiers can drive two speakers, 4-channel amplifiers can drive four speakers (without the use of crossovers, or a series and parallel connection). So a sound system with four speakers and a subwoofer would require at least a 5-channel amplifier.

However, when using speaker systems with crossovers, a system with 2 tweeters and 2 mid-bass drivers only needs 2 channels! We will be happy to advise you on which amplifier is the perfect match for your Carhifi system!

DSP (Digital Signal Processors)

A major advantage of digital processing is its accuracy.

Almost everything has a DSP chip in it these days. Your smartphone, your laptop, a smart speaker, and of course your car's stereo are just a few examples.

These DSP chips contain an analog-to-digital converter to convert the analog audio signal from the car stereo into a series of ones and zeros that represent that information. The signal processor (DSP) then provides the user with equalization, filtering, delay, and amplitude adjustment, which is then reproduced through the car amplifier to the speakers, providing a maxiamle sound experience.

DSP amplifier

Almost every amplifier on the market has some degree of signal processing built in. Aside from sensitivity controls, there are crossovers, bass boost functions, and bass remote controls. While this is convenient and inexpensive, the varying value tolerances of these devices lead to some inaccuracy in configuration.

And this is where the advantage of using DSP in a car amplifier appears. It offers a significant reduction in the area required for potentiometers and switches. By eliminating the need to find space for a dozen controls, amplifiers can be made smaller while offering a dramatic increase in adjustability and potential sonic gain.

Amplifier cable sets

Car amplifier cable sets offer all the cables you need to install the car amplifier. The power of the car amplifier is crucial in the selection, as the cross-section of the power cables, as well as the fuse in the set, must be matched to the audio power of the amplifier.

Amplifier wiring kits for use in cars come with basic power and ground cables, as well as fuses. Select complete amp kits also include speaker cables, RCA interconnect cables, and more! To make sure you get the perfect cable kit that works best for your Carhifi car speaker system, feel free to drop us a mail, or Whatsapp message anytime.


Under the brand BLAM you will find the car speakers of the series: Signature, Multix, Relax, Live and Express, for the quick and affordable sound upgrade.

BLAM is known for best tonality and resolution in the vocal range. Take a look!