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The best Carhifi brands from Europe

We score with an extensive selection and can say with a clear conscience, with us everyone will find, even if unusual products are sought. We cannot present every European manufacturer from our extensive manufacturer list, only some relevant ones. Not only German Carhifi manufacturer are able to offer with grandiose unique products in the field of loudspeakers to score, also European Carhifi manufacturers shine with fabulous makes. European Carhifi brands are among others in our assortment.

The European Carhifi manufacturer B2 Audio from Denmark is known worldwide

Here is to refer to the white amplifiers and the impacting subwoofers. The RAGE 1400.4 MI is a white amplifier that, like all RAGE products, has integrated ACUU8 crossovers with bandpass. The configuration is possible on all channels. The RAGE V2 subwoofers surpass all subwoofer models in popularity and are available in 6 inch, 8 inch 12 inch and 15 inch sizes. Special features are the self-developed cast baskets, which ensure optimal cooling performance, as well as the ventilation openings. B2 Audio's motto is "Your system should meet your demands without compromise."

The European Carhifi manufacturer Blam

Blam, the French manufacturer, made headlines with its speaker sets that meet the highest standards at the high-end level. The Carhifi specialist Blam from France is composed of the following terms: Bonneville Laboratoire Acoustique Musique. The slogan is predominant with this manufacturer: "Driven by Passion" with the addition of "French Sound". For you, this means in other words: real high-end sound in the car.

Edge Car Audio

The European Carhifi manufacturer with Russian roots, from the UK is a household name to those in the know. The speakers and high-performance subwoofers are convincing. The Amplifier models are available as entry-level models for the beginner, the more sophisticated ultra-class D models please the professional.

Vibe Audio, also from Great Britain

The manufacturer has been present since 1993. Vibe Audio introduces itself, the designers and engineers are constantly developing new technologies to achieve the best listening experience. The sound systems are award-winning and known worldwide. Vibe Audio promises the best sound experience regardless of the price range available for the sound system. The Slick series houses the entry-level models, while the CVEN series and BLACKDEATH series comprise the manufacturer's high-end and competitive products.

DLS the European Carhifi manufacturer from Sweden

In 1979 the company was founded and gained the introduction of the Scandinavia Lausprechersetie, as well as the ultra high end amplifiers of the A series. The trademark of DLS,is still today the excellent workmanship at high end level to meet the highest sound requirements.

High-end car audio presents STEG, the European Carhifi manufacturer from Italy

In the production program are large and appealing car power amplifiers of the K series, as well as smaller digital power amplifiers, as well as DSP's, speakers and subwoofers. STEG is an absolute full-range supplier in the Carhifi sector. The speaker systems are suitable for all common car brands like VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes etc. The main categories are car specific loudspeakers, power amplifiers, subwoofers, DSP power amplifiers with all imaginable accessories. Worth mentioning are the high-end products of the STEG Masterstroke series. Here you will find amplifiers, a 3-way speakers, as well as subwoofers. Take a look!

Peerless By Tymphany from Denmark

Known is the European Carhifi manufacturer by its subwoofers and Peerless woofers and tweeter. The XXLS series, respectively the STW subwoofer, score with unbeatable low bass characteristics!

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori we constantly offer more than 2,000 articles. Our current manufacturers from Europe include: B2 Audio, Blam, DLS, Edge Car Audio, Peerless by Tymphany, Purifiy Audio, SB Acoustics, Scanspeak, SECH, STEG, SuperB, Ultimatron, Vibe Audio and Vibrofiltr.


European Carhifi brands enrich our assortment. The oversized selection meets the wishes of our customers. Everyone finds what they are looking for. Driving a car and listening to music with the original sounds is a highlight for many male and female drivers. Complete your audio system, with our products you will enjoy the sound experience, long car trips are no longer a stress for you with your favorite music.