5" (13cm) subwoofer


Tang Band

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Important info about 5" subwoofer

Not every vehicle has a large trunk and offers enough space for large bass boxes. A miniature subwoofer remedies this and provides a crisp sound during the car ride.
By the way, the top seller in this category is: W5-1138SMF. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands for 5" subwoofer, we recommend you take a look at: Tang Band .

What is a 13 cm subwoofer?

The W5-1138SMF 5 inch subwoofer is the smallest form of woofer that we at Masori have to offer in our range. Despite its small diaphragm area, the loudspeaker with an impressive bass power of 40 watts (RMS). The speaker has a generously sized roll surround and is made of durable material.

For whom is a 13 cm subwoofer suitable?

A subwoofer of this size is ideal for Hifi beginners suitable. Due to the compact design, the Subwoofers excellent to install in small cars with little space. The rear seats, the trunk side panels or the parcel shelf are ideal for this. In addition, the speaker produces a rich, but not too powerful bass.

What are the highlights of a 13 cm subwoofer?

With a lower cutoff frequency of 45 Hz, the subwoofer is able to reproduce low tones powerfully and without distortion. The maximum peak load of 80 watts gives your personal favorite music a powerful character. The interaction of a powerful ferrite magnet structure and the four-layer voice coil ensures an excellent sound experience. The thoughtful manufacturing is rounded off by a well-ventilated spider with targeted heat dissipation.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 13 cm subwoofers from the following manufacturers: Tang Band


Since the market doesn't offer many powerful 5 inch subwoofers, the W5-1138SMF stands out from the crowd. For beginners or for drivers who want a mild sound with powerful bass prefer, this woofer is an interesting option. Due to its compact design, the 13 cm subwoofer is designed for numerous applications and can be flexibly placed in different locations in the car.