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Vibrofiltr has been producing material for acoustic isolation of vibrations since 2005. The company uses German machines of the company "Baumüller" and uses the patented technologies of "Nacjonalne Technologies" from Russia, with which Vibrofiltr manages to produce extremely high-quality products at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The Vibrofiltr - Alubutyl is used to form a waterproof, vibration damping layer in cars and other places where there is also a need for sound insulation, protection against vibration and corrosion.

The vibration damping Alubutyl has a multi-layer structure and consists of a layer of an ecologically pure composition of butyl rubber and aluminium foil. Unlike the materials used for the production of aluminium, Vibrofiltr Alubutyl is of increased viscosity, which has been developed by a special process. This gives the material an increased damping factor (ILC).
The Alubutyl is pliable and flexible, easy to install, adapts easily to uneven surfaces and does not require preheating before installation thanks to the polymer layer of the adhesive.

Vibrofiltr Alubutyl is available in 3 thicknesses :