Vibrofiltr - High quality vehicle insulation from Alubutyl

Since 2005, the Vibrofiltr brand has been dedicated to the production of insulation materials for acoustic isolation of vibrations. With the help of the production machines of the German company Baumüller and the patented technologies of Nacjonalne Technologies from Russia, Vibrofiltr manages to produce particularly high-quality vehicle insulation at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Alubutyl insulation material produced by Vibrofiltr is mainly used to form a vibration damping as well as waterproof layer in cars, but it can also be used in other places where there is a need for sound insulation, vibration protection or corrosion.

Vibrofiltr Alubutyl: High Pliability and Flexibility

The vibration-damping Alubutyl is characterized by a multilayer structure of butyl rubber and aluminum foil. Thanks to its high pliability and flexibility, Vibrofiltr Alubutyl is easy to install and also adapts easily to uneven surfaces. Due to the polymer layer of the adhesive, no preheating is necessary in advance of installation.

Self-adhesive, easy to install insulation mats for your vehicle

One of the company's highlights are the PRO 4.0 4MM Alubutyl Mats. You can get the black insulation mats from Masori in a practical 10-pack with the dimensions 350 mm x 500 mm x 4 mm. These self-adhesive mats of the brand Vibrofiltr dampen vibrations, noises as well as acoustic resonances. The mats are suitable for the application areas such as doors, roofs, wheel arches, engine partitions, trunks or hoods. Thanks to the square grooves of the aluminum butyl, the mats can be easily adapted to a wide variety of sheet shapes.

Excellent insulation properties, outstanding stability

The strong and high-strength PRO 2.0 2MM alubutyl mats in black you get from us per package in 20-fold execution. Thanks to the thick aluminum foil, the mats with the dimensions 350 mm x 500 mm x 2mm ensure excellent stability. The same applies to the PRO 3.0 3MM package with 15 Vibrofiltr alubutyl mats each. Here, the dimensions are 3500 mm x 500 mm x 3 mm - ideal for insulating four doors, the side panels and the trunk, for example.

Vibrofiltr has been producing material for the acoustic isolation of vibrations since 2005. The company uses German machines from the company "Baumüller" and uses the patented technologies of "Nacjonalne Technologies" from Russia, with which Vibrofiltr manages to produce extremely high quality products at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The VibrofiltrAlubutylis used to form a waterproof, vibration damping layer in cars and other places where there is also a need for sound insulation, protection against vibration and corrosion.

The vibration damping alubutyl has a multilayer structure and consists of a layer of ecologically pure composition of butyl rubber and aluminum foil. Unlike the materials used for the production of aluminum is VibrofiltrAlubutylof increased viscosity, which was developed by a special process. As a result, the material has an increased damping factor (ILC).
Alubutyl is pliable and flexible, easy to install, easily adapts to uneven surfaces and does not require preheating before installation thanks to the polymer layer of the adhesive.

The Vibrofiltr Alubutyl is available in 3 thicknessesavailable:

  • Vibrofiltr Pro 2.0 - 2mm thick alubutyl mats in black as a set.
  • Vibrofiltr Pro 3.0 - 3mm thick alubutyl mats in black as a set
  • Vibrofiltr Pro 4.0 - 4mm thick alubutyl mats in black as a set