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JL Audio

JL Audio - It's All About That Bass (Not Treble)

The US-American brand JL Audio gained worldwide fame mainly through its uniquely powerful subwoofers. JL Audio convinces not only with technical finesse, but also with appropriately large as well as visually appealing housings. JL Audio not only maintains the highest quality standards in development, but also redefines them - for example, with the ultra-flat 12TW3-D4 subwoofer, the perfect symbiosis of high excursion and low installation depth. Thanks to the JL Audio patented Thin-Line woofer technology and a concentric tube structure integrated into the cone body, a remarkable power of 400 watts RMS can be achieved.

Subwoofer for the ultimate sound experience

In the search for a powerful and uncompromising sub bass goes on the 12W6v3, the SQ competition subwoofer from JL Audio, no way around! Thus, this product impresses with its excellent tonal balance with minimal distortion. With the 12W6v3 JL Audio provides the ultimate sound experience!

Space-saving and powerful - the 6W3V3-4

If the subwoofer should be a particularly space-saving model, which can nevertheless shine with a decent performance, the 6W3V3-4 is the right choice - it is not for nothing that the W3v3 products are the best-selling subwoofer series from JL Audio. The 6W3V3-4 is ideally used with amplifier power between 50W and 150W.

RD1000/1 - the amplifier powerhouse for the car

The RD1000/1 is a monoblock amplifier optimized specifically for subwoofer applications. With its exclusive JL Audio NexD™ Class D technology, this sleek and compact powerhouse delivers high output power with maximum efficiency and minimal distortion.

Masori is the official German distributor of JL Audio.

JL Audio was founded in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni. They used the first letter of each of their names to form a company name, hence "JL". Their first products were home speaker systems as well as home speaker "kits". Great audio is not just JL's mission, it's their passion.
JL Audio is an independent, privately held U.S. company that operates in the home, mobile, powersports and marine audio markets. JL is focused on delivering unique technology, superior quality and high performance audio to customers around the world. Behind all of its efforts is a firm belief that great audio has real value and that customers can tell the difference.

Remarkable products

  • PowerWedges: Compact, closed-back, full-range speaker systems manufactured by JL Audio in the early 1980s. One of the first closed speaker systems ever on the car audio market.
  • 8W3V3-4: Eight-inch woofer for use in the new line of JL Audio PowerWedges. Following this design, subsequent 10- and 12-inch speaker systems were also released and were as well received as the 8-incher.
  • The W3 Series: These subwoofers come in 5 different sizes, from 6-inch to 18-inch. Each component subwoofer can be driven with either 2-Ohms, 4-Ohms or 8-Ohms. The W3 series features the DMA optimized motor system and increased frame cooling.
  • The W5 Series: More powerful speakers that were very well received when they were released in 1987.
  • The W6 Series: Made for higher sound quality.
  • W7: JL's top-of-the-line subwoofer with 6 patented technologies. Available in 8-, 10-, 12- and 13.5-inch woofer sizes.
  • TW5: JL's only shallow mounting depth subwoofer available in 13.5-inch only. The mounting depth is only 2.54 inches. This subwoofer has a nominal impedance of 3 ohms and has an RMS power of 600W. It is easy to mount in tight places