HiFonics - Power from the Gods

The success story of HiFonics, a company based in Kronau in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, dates back to 1982. As one of the best-known and most impressive manufacturers in the car hi-fi sector, the list of milestones runs like a red thread through its history, which now spans more than forty years. Thus, all amplifier series from the house of HiFonics combine the always consistent characteristics: power, performance and quality.

The ZEUS series: Compact powerhouses

The 2-channel amplifier HiFonics ZEUS ZRX-9002 for example, has been redesigned from the ground up compared to its predecessor series and has been enhanced with numerous technical features. The visual appearance is also impressive: The heavyweight heatsink is adorned with powerful cooling fins including a side illumination as well as illuminated terminals. The HiFonics logo on the top can shine in either blue or white. Also the ZEUS ZXR900/4 is a true powerhouse as a Class D power amplifier: The 4-channel amplifier - also from the ZEUS series - offers a grandiose finish with its slim dimensions. With an efficiency of more than 90%, not even much power is needed to fully exploit its potential.

Best possible performance with the HFC2000 capacitor

Another top seller of the brand is the HiFonics HFC2000 2 Farad Buffer Capacitor, which ensures a better bass perfomance and a general sound improvement by means of a more constant power supply of the amplifier. Thus, unpleasant voltage fluctuations downward are intercepted and the entire sound system stabilized.

The colossus among the amplifiers: COLOSSUS GEN-X4

The GENERATION X4 series is HiFonics' most massive line of powerful amplifiers to date, capable of easily taking on any subwoofer currently on the market - including, for example, the 2-channel amplifier COLOSSUS GEN-X4. The heavy aluminum heat sink alone, as well as the cast aluminum add-on parts, give the observer the certainty that nothing has definitely been spared here. The COLOSSUS GEN-X4 is recommended - like all products of the GENERATION X4 series - for Carhifi enthusiasts with particularly high demands.

The HIFONICS Autohifi range at Masori

Masori is your contact for the entire selection andHifonicsAutohifi products. With us you will find the entireHifonicsprogram like subwoofers of the Zeus series, amplifiers of the generation X4, or the famous Medusa sound processors. Masori is your Hifonics specialist.


In 1982 with HiFonics one of the most successful and impressive brands in car hi-fi history was founded. The list of milestones is long and runs like the famous "red thread" through the almost 40-year success story. Starting with the legendary SERIES VIIthe famous GENERATION XI or the gigantic XX-MAXXIMUS subwoofer power amplifier with 10,000 watts, up to the current models - all amplifier series have always had important things in common: Power, quality and performance. HiFonics became the epitome of grandiose car audio amplifiers.

But not only the power amplifier segment inspires the car hifi enthusiasts, because meanwhile is HiFonics is also known for powerful subwoofer systems, first-class speakers or advanced amplifiers and processors with DSP technology. In the meantime, compact and somewhat more discreet components also found their place in the HiFonics program and convince with technology, power and performance.