15" (38cm) Subwoofer

15" (38cm) subwoofer

All about 15" (38cm) Subwoofer

We experience the optimal sound sensation when all frequencies are reproduced with high quality. This includes the high, mid and of course low frequencies - the basses. Especially basses play an important role in many music genres. Techno, house, rap, RnB, but also pop, rock and even pop songs are underpinned with powerful bass. Thus, the 15-inch subwoofer occupies a special place in any sound system. If you want to look directly at our most popular brand for 38cm subwoofers, we recommend you take a look at B2 Audio.

Intermediate size with choice

15 inch subwoofers are an intermediate size between the very popular 12 inch subwoofers and the mighty "18 inchers". The 15 inch subwoofer is predestined for enormous power with its large outer diameter. As a rule of thumb, the size of the subwoofer also determines the size of the membrane area, which in turn determines the bass output influences. Simply put, the bigger the sub, the more powerful the bass. However, the available space always plays a role when expanding the sound system. Therefore, the largest subwoofer is not always the ideal choice. It so happens that 15 inch subwoofers usher in a category that is no longer standard. But if you have the right car or the maximum out of the bass, the 38 cm subwoofer could be perfect for you. Therefore, we have an appealing selection and can currently offer more than 80 different 38cm subwoofers. So far, all customers have found the optimal model for their needs and budget.

Why subwoofers are so important

The human ear can - roughly speaking - perceive frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz. The high frequencies describe short waves and high tones. The low frequencies represent long waves and low tones, i.e. bass. This is exactly where subwoofers come into play. They are usually found in ranges below 100 Hz and often cover the entire range of low frequencies that we can hear. Our top sellers, such as the Rage 15 V2, can even play bass at 10 Hz, which gives you goosebumps. If music is to sound as good as possible, all frequency ranges have to be covered with high quality. It is certainly debatable whether 2-way systems or 3-way systems are better. However, we cannot argue about the 38cm subwoofer: If you want to experience powerful bass, you need a good 15-inch subwoofer.

38cm subwoofers need space

Every subwoofer needs space. The lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength, the more air the 38cm subwoofer has to move. It is obvious that a midrange driver with an outer diameter from 5 cm needs less space than a 38cm subwoofer. Therefore, plan well how the new subwoofer should be installed. The first choice, especially for this size, is the trunk. However, this robs space for shopping or other things that are stowed in the trunk. Fortunately, we know our stuff: If you're stuck or unsure, we're sure to have the perfect advice for you. By the way, our buying advice can also be given by email or Whatsapp. How to buy your new 15 inch subwoofer today!

15 inch subwoofer - Our pro tip:

Although we also basically Cabinet subwoofer in the range, most customers opt for a single subwoofer. At a size of more than 30cm in diameter, cabinet subwoofers are no longer common anyway. In this case, the question naturally arises as to how the housing for the sub is designed: A closed cabinet or the popular bass reflex cabinet? Or should it possibly be a bandpass enclosure? We wouldn't call ourselves experts on Carhifi if we didn't have a selection of enclosures for a new 15 inch subwoofer. Click here for the assortment.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori are 15 inch subwoofer currently available from the following manufacturers: American Bass, Audio System, Avatar, B2 Audio, Cerwin Vega, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce, Edge Car Audio, ESX, FOR-X, Ground Zero, Hifonics, Image Dynamics, Kicker, Peerless by Tymphany, Pride, Rockford Fosgate.


15 inch subwoofers are a statement! With a comprehensive selection in this powerful category, we offer the optimal bass speaker for every conceivable use. Regardless of the style of music are rich basses are guaranteed. Look around and grab it!