Dayton Audio

Dayton Audio - The pursuit of perfection

The American manufacturer Dayton Audio places great emphasis on technical perfection, reliability and durability in the development of its products. Many years of experience in the home hi-fi sector have contributed significantly to the fact that Dayton Audio can nowadays also be counted among the world's leading brands in the field of car hi-fi. For more than twenty years, Dayton Audio has specialized in the development of audio components, which are produced in North America, Europe and Asia. The company is particularly well known for its high-quality AMT, for example, the Dayton Audio AMT Mini.8 Air Motion Transformer tweeterwhich, thanks to a folded Kapton ribbon diaphragm, helps just about any loudspeaker design achieve clear, clean and highly dynamic reproduction. The groundbreaking AMT technology ensures a high output power.

Clear and articulate bass with the Ultimax Series

But Dayton Audio can also convince in the subwoofer sector: With the UM18-22 subwoofer of the Ultimax series, Dayton Audio combines the finesse of a sports car with the uncompromising nature of a bulldozer. The Ultimax series is characterized by dual voice coils, a lot of power and high stroke limits. Thus, the DVC subwoofers of the Ultimax series, the Ultimax UM8-22 subwoofer for example, are designed to move as much air as possible to produce fast, clean and articulate bass.

Brachial bass-midrange driver with high precision and fidelity

When it comes to bass-midrange drivers, the Dayton Audio Epique E180HE-44 has established itself as a real top seller. The woofer with a dual voice coil delivers first-class performance with controlled response and is at the same time one of the most brute concepts in its size segment. Even at maximum loads, the motor force remains almost always constant thanks to the dual gap motor - even when the limits of its 14 mm Xmax are reached. The Epique E180HE-44 achieves unrivaled excursion for a 6.5" woofer. Due to the low distortion, this allows systems to be developed with unparalleled precision and fidelity.