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Mono amplifier and multichannel amplifier

Especially subwoofers work with amplifiers, this is obvious because subwoofers are the most power hungry components in hifi systems and here the radio power is not enough. In practice this means that several Subwoofer can be connected to only one mono amplifier and can be connected in series or in parallel. The multi-channel amplifiers, on the other hand, which are predominantly also called four-channel amplifiers are mainly used for the loudspeaker set in the front can be used. It is a good idea to combine a monoblock amplifier with a four-channel amplifier at the front. With our popular 4-channel amplifiers we can offer you absolute top models in different price ranges: For the small purse is the "POWERBOX400.1M-V7" is just right. The "QUATTRO PLUS" serves the medium price segment, but can be seen. The "RIOT 3200V2 SE" in the Special Edition is a bit more expensive, but well worth the money. Which one is your favorite?

Is a mono amplifier necessary in the car?

The fact is that although every car radio has an amplifier, it does not provide sufficient power. Basically, the more powerful the amplifier(s), the more powerful speakers it can drive and the louder it can theoretically get. When buying a car, the car radio and the performance of the integrated amplifier are not necessarily decisive factors. There are therefore high-quality mono amplifiers and multi-channel amplifiers on the aftermarket to increase the sound performance of the car in the interior. The original car battery hardly manages to control the increased power consumption, especially if we are talking about power from 1000 watts in total. The result is a car battery that discharges faster than average, in the worst case the new speaker would burn out, so from about 1000 watts at the latest an additional battery should be considered. So the amplifiers are a must, for a proper sound production. The mono amplifier here is easy to handle and user-friendly. Perfectly matched for use with subwoofers. If you want to drive a front system or rear system properly, opt for the multi-channel amplifier.

The multi-channel amplifier - for demanding users

The multi-channel amplifiers usually have between 2 and 6 channels. As already mentioned: The 4-channel amplifiers are the most common models. The more channels available, the more different speakers can be connected.

The amplifiers come in different classes

Class A: The models in this category are characterized by the excellent sound output. However, in terms of power consumption, these models are not particularly outstanding. The amplifiers generate a lot of heat at the expense of the car battery. Class B scores with less heat consumption. These amplifiers are designed to use only half the output power. So instead of using two outputs with the available power, the outputs are switched without further ado. The effect is the optimal use of the power. However, there is a risk of distortion in the sound. Class A/B is of course optimal, the advantages of classes A and B combine and intensify here. Distortions do not occur as easily. Especially high-quality devices have the modern technology to prevent overheating. Class D: The amplifiers focus on the efficient of electronic signals. They are considered to be up to 90% more efficient. The amplifiers themselves are remarkably small and produce minimal heat. When working with higher frequencies, distortion may eventually occur. However, the audio quality itself is brilliant, especially in the bass range.

Amplifier - Our pro tip:

Whether a mono amplifier or a multi-channel amplifier is installed, the sound is significantly stronger, more powerful and clearer. Recommended products from well-known manufacturers such as STEG, Ground Zero, Audio System, B2 Audio, etc. provide the appropriate volume and the significantly improved sound quality.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori, multichannel and mono amplifiers are currently available from the following manufacturers: ARC Audio, Audio System, Awave, B2 Audio, Blam, DD Audio, DLS, Dragster Audio Art, Edge Car Audio, ESX, FOR-X, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Kicker, Morel, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, Soundigital, STEG, Stetsom, Stinger and Vibe Audio.


With a high-quality mono amplifier for the subwoofer and the multichannel amplifier for the speaker set, you can enjoy a unique music experience. The volume is correct, the bass is reproduced accordingly deep. The extensive selection of different amplifiers allows the individual purchase decision, taking into account the type of car and car radio. For many users, a good one is enough, high-quality mono amplifier, simply to support the factory system with a new subwoofer in the trunk with bass.