8" (20cm) Koaxiallautsprecher

8" (20cm) coaxial speaker

Things to know about 8" coaxial speakers

If the performance of a small coaxial speaker does not meet individual sound requirements, reaching for an 8-inch model is recommended. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Tang Band W8-2314, Ground Zero COMPETITION GZCF 8.0SPL. If you want to jump straight to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Ground Zero, Tang band.

Functionality of a coaxial loudspeaker

Coaxial loudspeakers consist of a midrange driver and a tweeter and cover the entire frequency range except for the low frequencies. complete sound spectrum except for the low frequencies. The tweeter is located in the center of a coaxial speaker. mid-woofer and reproduces all high frequencies up to 20 kHz. 2-way speakers with 20 cm diaphragm diameter are available in our range up to 150 watts RMS power.

For whom is a 20 cm coaxial speaker suitable?

Available are these Loudspeaker only in the form of a 2-way coaxial speaker without an additional super tweeter. These types of speakers are recommended for sound lovers who do not want to install separate midrange and tweeter in the car and attach great importance to a detailed sound experience.

Where are 20 cm coaxial speakers installed?

Coaxial speakers with a diameter of 20 cm often do not find a place in original door panels. Due to this, these large models are often installed in the form of elaborate trunk installations installed. Smaller models with a smaller diaphragm diameter are suitable for use as center speakers in the dashboard. However, the smaller versions offer less RMS power.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, 20 cm coaxial speakers from the following manufacturers are available from Masori: Dragster Audio Art, Ground Zero, Tang band


Coaxial speakers of this size take music reproduction to a new level. Due to the large cone, a powerful midrange is realized. At the same time sophisticated cone materials in combination with fatigue-resistant components ensure a long service life. However, the installation is less flexible than is the case with smaller speakers.