All about tweeters

If you want to install a music system in your car, tweeters are indispensable to reproduce the upper frequency ranges. from 3,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz to cover. Most often with the support of a tweeter, voices and sounds can appear natural to the listener and unfold their full sonic power. It is therefore not surprising that, for example, our top seller from Ground Zero, the "URANIUM GZUT 28SQ" reaches up to 25,000 Hz.

Huge selection of tweeters

In our assortment we carry a selection of well over 100 tweeters. We offer a wide range of high-quality speakers with a wide variety of specifications in different sizes and price ranges. The STEG "SQ32" for example, is a solid mid-range product for less than 200 €. In every price range, you are guaranteed to find the right tweeter for your system. We offer both the popular Dome tweeters as well as ribbon tweeters, AMT, horns and ring radiators tweeters at. So you should be able to find a suitable model for every type of use.

Find the right tweeter

Tweeters can be used in many different ways. Therefore, they are available for purchase in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with quite different characteristics. In order to make the right choice for your own sound system, it is first important to find out about your personal ideas and demands to become aware. For example, if one wants the sound to be directed in a certain direction and to reproduce high levels, a Horn tweeter is the right choice. However, if a sound output in full 180 degrees is desired, the choice should rather fall on a dome tweeter. The latter is by far the most common form of tweeter. Horn tweeters are also used in PA systems, while Ribbon tweeter are also used in car hi-fi systems. If the tweeter is to be installed in a car, it is also important to consider the correct dimensions for the installation location in the car. These can vary greatly depending on whether the speaker is to be integrated into the car door, the A-pillar or the mirror triangle. In all these installation locations, it is recommended that the tweeter be installed so that it is aligned with the driver, in order to avoid the best sound with the least distortion. distortion. So, depending on the desired use of the tweeter, you need to pay attention to very different things and choose one of the tweeter types.

Technical details to consider when buying

In order to be able to provide a crystal clear listening experience even in the higher frequency ranges, manufacturers nowadays not only produce different types of tweeters, but also use completely different materials to ensure the best possible sound. For example, some manufacturers use dome tweeters for example, rely on a ceramic coating on aluminum or magnesium to provide unbeatable stiffness and damping. Other manufacturers, however, tend to use a lightweight fabric material for dome tweeters, which promises advantages in terms of sound resolution. Such small differences in the production method and material choice of tweeters, can mean a big difference for auditory sensitive people. Therefore, the selected tweeters should be checked for both the materials used and the way the tweeter works before purchasing. It is also important to note that a system usually includes, in addition to the loudspeakers Amplifier belong, in order to optimally supply the tweeters with clean power. Since a tweeter never stands alone, but is always part of a 2-way system or 3-way system, care should also be taken to ensure that the tweeter is connected to the midrange and the woofer harmonizes.

Tweeter - Our professional tip:

When buying a tweeter should definitely make sure that Sound pressure, impedance, and power handling harmonize with all other sound system components.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Tweeters are currently available at Masori from the following manufacturers: Accuton, Andrian Audio, Audio System, B2 Audio, Blam, Cerwin Vega, Dayton Audio, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce,DLS, Dragster Audio Art, ESX, FOR-X, Ground Zero, HIFONICS, Hybrid Audio, JL Audio, Monacor, Morel, MundorfMusway, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, SB Acoustics, Scanspeak, Sky High Car Audio, STEG, Tang Band, Vibe Audio.


Tweeters are used in various types of sound systems. They are indispensable for 2-way systems and are also used in most 3-way systems. Since there are many different shapes of tweeters with quite different specifications and applications There are many different forms of tweeters with very different specifications and applications, so you should think carefully about what you expect from each tweeter before you buy. No matter for what purpose you need a tweeter, in our extensive range you will certainly find exactly the right one!