M-350.1 D

Audio System


SATORI TW29BN-B Beryllium

SB Acoustics

€389,00 €359,00


Tang Band

€149,99 €145,00

Apocalypse DB-SA2510

Deaf Bonce


Fonte 70A




Ground Zero



Ground Zero














ZEUS ZXR1200/1



Machete Dual 12 FIGHT-R

Deaf Bonce

€549,00 €499,00

Storm Box EASD-12v2


€449,00 €399,00

XS RCA Cinchadapter Y


€25,98 €15,99




Next-Lab SPL Sensor



OmniMic V2

Dayton Audio


New products for audio fans

Masori not only stands for a terrific selection and the best service - we also stand for brand-new products, which fresh from the factories of the world's top manufacturers. into our store! Every week we expand our assortment with new products from all categories. It is impossible to list the current new releases here, because new products may come in tomorrow. Of course, all established brands are on board, including Ground Zero and Audio System. If you want to see the new releases of these brands directly, just follow these links: News from Ground Zero and News from Audio System.

Time for new speakers

If you love Carhifi as much as we do, then you probably browse through our many products on a regular basis. We know it all too well: you look at the new loudspeakers and in your mind you are already putting together the new system. If you're looking for inspiration or you're planning to change your system anyway, this is the right category for you. A look at our new 16,5 cm bass-midrange drivers regularly reveals more than 100 new speakers. Maybe it should be an inexpensive model like the Pride "Solo 100? Or rather a premium model like the Morel "ELATE CARBON MW6" ?? We also regularly offer new releases with a discount. So it may well be that you get a 7 inch wooferwhich has just arrived, directly with a discount of 40 €!

New subwoofer pleasing?

With our new releases are of course not only speakers listed. We know that every Carhifi fan wants to experience a powerful bass. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for new Subwoofers from all over the world. There is no size we stop at. Whether 16.5 cm subwoofer or 46 cm subwoofer - all conceivable sizes are constantly added to our store. For the small purse there are of course always interesting articles like the Rockford Fosgate 15 inch subwoofer "PUNCH P1S2-15 / P1S4-15 . Who wants to look around in higher price ranges, will find for example at the Avatar "SVL 1547 will find what you are looking for. Also with the new subwoofers, we are pleased to be able to offer brand new products directly with discounts. The Edge Car Audio "EDX15D2-E0 XTREME-SERIES" - also a 15 inch subwoofer- is about 50 € cheaper to have.

Cables, enclosures and co.

In this category there are not only new speakers and new subwoofers. We also offer Cables, Batteries or Stealth boxes on. You are just looking for a Stealthbox for your Jeep or Ford? Chances are good that we have just added such items to our range.

New releases - Our pro tip:

It doesn't always have to be the latest technology. Many top sellers already have a few years under their belt and still bring top sounds. However, we understand the desire for new speakers, subwoofers and co. In this category, this desire is fortunately satisfied and we can recommend you to browse the new releases weekly. You will surely find interesting upgrades for your car that none of your friends have yet.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

The brands in the new releases section can change weekly. You can regularly find new items from American Bass, Audio System, Avatar, B2 Audio, Cerwin Vega, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce, Edge Car Audio, ESX, FOR-X, Ground Zero, Hifonics, Image Dynamics, Kicker, Peerless by Tymphany, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, STEG or Vibe Audio.


We love discovering new products for you all over the world. That's why it makes sense for you to subscribe to a weekly View of our new releases take a look. Maybe next week you'll find the upgrade that will make your sound system perfect.