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DD Audio



DD Audio


Power Tuned 9921B

DD Audio

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21" Subwoofer - The woofer for professionals

If you want to equip your sound system with a real highlight, a 21" subwoofer is the best choice. The performance of this woofer giant makes the heart of bass-oriented hifi fans beat faster.
By the way, the top sellers in this category are: VISION VX-21 PRO, POWER TUNED 9921B. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands for 21" subwoofer, we recommend you take a look at: ESX , DD Audio .

A distinctive sound in the car

A (53 cm) subwoofer makes every vehicle shake and, depending on the model, guarantees a RMS power between 2,500 - 6,000 watts. Some Subwoofers have a free-flow cooling system and are equipped with longitudinal pole valves for improved airflow. Power amplifiers of 3,000 watts and more are required to drive these massive powerhouses. The amplifier power should be at least 30% higher than the RMS power of the subwoofer.

Who is a 53 cm subwoofer suitable for?

Definitely a subwoofer of this size is not suitable for beginners in the car hifi field. This giant is recommended for experienced professionals who are willing to experiment. Due to the enormous size, a lot of space is needed in the vehicle, so this model is unsuitable for use in small cars. 21-inch subwoofers require large enclosures with a volume of 200 liters and more. For this, for example, an SUV with a spacious trunk is ideally suited.

What is the advantage of a large speaker cone?

The 21 inch subwoofers offered in our range are designed for Low bass applications designed. Generally, the larger the diaphragm, the less it needs to move for accurate bass response. At subwoofers with a smaller diaphragm of, say, 6.5 inches, more movement is required to produce a comparable bass tone. However, as diaphragm movement increases, so does inaccuracy in audio reproduction.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 53 cm subwoofers from the following manufacturers: DD Audio, ESX


Since 21 inch subwoofers are special speakers, the selection on the global market is scarce compared to smaller models. Although the high-performance subwoofers look imposing and cause a stir at every meeting, the gigantic woofers are not suitable for every sound lover.