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DD Audio

DD Audio - The pride of the American car hi-fi scene

Digital Designs - or simply DD Audio, is an American manufacturer of high-end speakers and amplifiers. Since its founding in 1986, the Oklahoma City-based company has produced some of the best subwoofers in the world - a reputation that DD Audio was able to further consolidate with the release of the Z-Series. In doing so, DD Audio continually works to improve designs to adapt to new technologies as well as ever-changing listening habits. With each new model, DD Audio is able to set new standards in performance, durability and reliability.

C Series - Brilliant Sound, High Durability

This reliability is demonstrated with the 2-way component speaker system of the C-Series, for example the CC6.5A, impressively demonstrates this. Thus, the set forms the ideal balance between high-quality sound and durable materials. Thanks to a cast aluminum frame as well as an aluminum diaphragm with soft rubber surround, an acoustic balance including warm sound characteristics is ensured.

High quality entry level models

Another example of DD Audio's high quality standards are the Redline 608D subwoofers of the 600 series, which are an excellent entry point for a more sophisticated system design where the vehicle can remain as close to factory condition as possible. Matching these are the D-Series amplifiers such as the DM2500A. The class D amplifiers convince with their compact size and excellent sound quality. Powerful output sections as well as reliable circuitry make them the best amplifiers for the everyday car hi-fi enthusiast.

Precise adjustment possibilities with the DSI-3

The audio signal processor DD Audio DSI-3 enables the precise tuning of the acoustics of a vehicle audio system for optimal listening pleasure. Thus, the DSI-3 has a six-channel summable input as well as a 12-channel output. With the help of a 31-band parametric equalizer, this DSP meets even the highest demands of modern multi-channel audio systems.

DD Audio has been proudly producing what the American industry has to offer in speakers and amplifiers since its founding in 1986 in Oklahoma City. They produce some of the best subwoofers in the world, as they have proven with the Z Series. And with the Mini-Z, which you can also find in our store, they have once again outdone themselves.

In addition, they are also constantly expanding, the ESP subwoofer series. ESP stands for "Evolution Subwoofer Package," which is how you solve various physics-related problems that occur with standard subwoofer designs. With this approach, you have managed to position the DD 1506ESP, as the most powerful 6.5" subwoofer in the world, in the price segment up to 300 €.

From the beginning, DD has continuously worked to improve designs to keep up with the latest technology and the ever-changing music habits that flow through our veins. This comprehensive list documents the highlights, changes and improvements of each model. With each new model, DD Audio has been able to push new boundaries, continually increasing the performance and durability of each speaker and amplifier.

But not only subwoofers and speakers, but also in amplifiers DD Audio sets standards in the car hifi sector. With the SS4B they have managed to develop in an incredibly compact design, a highly efficient 4-channel amplifier, with a total of 1400 watts at an incredible price-performance ratio.

Regardless of the specific application, DD Audio provides a Amplifierthat meets your needs. Their amplifier designs emphasize high performance, functionality and reliability. All DD Audio amplifiers are built by leading manufacturers and are subject to the highest quality standards. The most famous DD Audio amplifiers are the following:

DD Audio coaxial and component speakerer use sonically superior design features paired with high-energy motor systems to set the standard for aftermarket audio upgrades. All DD Audio speakers feature Faraday rings, high-temperature voice coil wire, state-of-the-art cone technology and countless hours of research and development time. The most popular models are as follows:

The DD Audio Subwoofers,the core product that started it all, were built in the late 80's and early 90's under the "Resonance" brand and designed for use in bandpass and active studio subwoofer setups. By the late '90s, DD Audio had virtually redesigned the car audio subwoofer as the world had known it up to that point. They developed in-house voice coils, spiders, louvers, cones and motors specifically for high performance car audio applications. These improved parts and manufacturing techniques are the cornerstone of the DD Audio subwoofer line you see today. The top selling list of DD Audio subwoofers is long, but here's what you should check out:

Digital Designs Pro Audio Products are designed for the listener who truly wants a system that can deliver a concert hall experience. The woofers, midrange, tweeters and amplifiers in this lineup provide high-fidelity sound at unprecedented decibel levels. Simply put, if your application requires extreme volume, the Digital Designs Pro Audio drivers are what you need. For example, these:

The DD Audio Digital Sound Processor is a feature-rich audio signal processor that allows you to precisely tune your mobile audio system for maximum listening pleasure. It can be integrated into OEM systems or used in conjunction with aftermarket systems to unlock the full potential of your audio components.
The extremely user-friendly tuning software is available for download to your PC, Android or iOS devices. Combined with the optional Bluetooth/Remote accessory pack, it's even easier to use the DD Audio Digital Sound Processor to optimize your mobile audio experience.

As you can imagine, speakers, amplifiers, sound processors and subwoofers come in all sorts of varieties and sound quality features. Therefore, it's best if you contact our team at Masori so we can point you in the right direction for your car audio system.