Sundown Audio

Sundown Audio

Sundown Audio - powerful basses at the best prices

The subwoofers of the American manufacturer Sundown Audio enjoy a worldwide reputation due to their extreme excursion as well as their unique capabilities in the low bass range. Thanks to the armored cabinet-like design, the high-performance subwoofers from Sundown Audio are ideally suited for the clear as well as detailed reproduction of low frequencies.

SA Series - Sundown Audio's Most Desired Product Line

The E and SA lines are Sundown Audio's entry-level series. Especially the products of the SA series - for example the SA8 V.3which has a larger and more powerful motor than its predecessor - are among the absolute top sellers of the Sundown Audio brand. Also the 15" subwoofer SA15 V.2 maintains the optimal balance of the original SA series, but thanks to its more powerful motor, its power handling increases to a full 1000 watts RMS.

X-Series with unique price / performance ratio

Those who pay special attention to the price / performance should take a look at the X-series, which can score with a unique cost efficiency. Because the subwoofers of the X-series can already come up with the mega roll surround beading, which is otherwise known from the large Zv6 subwoofers. Thereby the Sundown Audio X15 v3 is the first subwoofer to use the patented "Ultra-High Excursion" frame and suspension design, which allows the use of a giant center spider. By the way, the same applies to the Sundown Audio X8 V3 from the Xv.3 series, with an oversized, triple-stacked motor structure to enable an XMAX of about 19 mm per direction. Sundown Audio's Xv.3 subwoofers are designed for the absolute bass basement - all in a compact and space-saving package.

Subwoofer of the Nightshade line with neodymium drives

The Nightshade subwoofer series rounds out Sundown Audio's portfolio. Equipped with high-energy neodymium drives, the products in this line not only inspire with a powerful sound, but also have a clear weight advantage over conventional ferrite magnet drives.