Deaf Bonce

Deaf Bonce

Deaf Bonce Germany - Premium Brand in the SPL Segment

Deaf Bonce Germany is the German offshoot of the premium brand Deaf Bonce of the Russian company Alphard Group, which are leaders in the production and distribution of car audio equipment in Russia. Founded in 2013, the brand has made a lasting impact on the Russian car audio market within a very short time. From the very beginning, Deaf Bonce focused on the use of state-of-the-art technological processes for the development of high-quality and high-performance products in all price categories. Between 2014 and 2018, "Team Deaf Bonce" was able to call several world records in dB Drag Racing its own. Today, "Team Deaf Bonce" is one of the most awarded teams in Russia and the world with more than 150 professional competition cars.

Apocalypse or Machete?

The products offered by Deaf Bonce are divided into the categories of "Apocalypse", which are extremely loud and competitive top-level systems, and "Machete", which also have all the advantages of the Apocalypse series, but have a slightly lower level of performance and certain specifications for everyday use. A fitting example of the elemental power of the Apocalypse series is the DB-SA 272 from the 27 series, which has a power handling capacity of 1500 watts RMS as well as a maximum output of 3000 watts. The XMAX of the subwoofer is 18 mm in each direction! An XMAX of 19 mm per direction offers the Apocalypse DB-3015Rwhich is even capable of 2800 watts RMS and 5600 watts maximum power.

Patented paper membrane construction for improved sound

The AP-M67AF, also from Deaf Bonce's Apocalypse series, in addition to a power handling capacity of 300 watts RMS and a maximum output of 600 watts, also features a ribbed and patented paper membrane construction that gives the diaphragm extra strength. This has a positive effect on the overall sound quality at maximum load. Another top seller of the brand is the Deaf Bonce Hannibal TH-25G Horn Tweeterwhich cuts a good figure in an elegant, green anodized aluminum housing, and not just visually. With a sensitivity of 105 dB, the tweeter can already be used from 3000 Hz.

DEAF BONCE GERMANY at Masori - Distribution for Germany

Deaf Bonce is a premium brand in the SPL segment of the Russian company Alphard Group - leader in the production and supply of car audio equipment in Russia. From the very beginning, Alphard Group focused its efforts on the development and implementation of the most advanced technological processes of car audio design and production, which allowed to create and offer to customers high quality goods with the best performance in any price range.


Since 2012, the company has made an invaluable contribution to the development of car audio competitions in Russia. As a general partner and sponsor of most of the existing car audio competitions, as well as a supporter of the competitors participating in them, we have triggered a multiple growth of the car audio industry and, as a result, a huge increase in demand for car audio products. In addition, Alphard Group is an official global partner of international associations such as EMMA Global and dB Drag Racing International, which strengthens the company's position in the markets of Europe, the USA and a number of countries in Asia and the Middle East.


The Deaf Bonce brand was founded by Alphard Group Company in late 2013 and in a short time has literally "blown up" the Russian car audio market by launching a large number of unique products that outperform their competitors in terms of quality and performance characteristics. Deaf Bonce took the leading position in the Russian SPL industry. In the period from 2014 to 2018, "Team Deaf Bonce" has achieved several world records in various classes of dB Drag Racing competitions, as well as set the absolute record in Russia and Europe in SPL -181.8dB in the "EXTREME NL" class. In 2019, "Team Deaf Bonce" is the most titled team in Russia and one of the strongest in the world, with over 150 professional competition cars, both in Russia and around the world.


Deaf Bonce products are divided into two series, reflecting the characteristics and philosophy of each model - Apocalypse, which combines in itself the products for the extremely noisy and competitive top-level systems, and Machete, which has inherited all the qualitative advantages of the "big brother", but with reduced power level and with specifications adapted for everyday use.


The mission of Deaf Bonce is to develop extremely reliable and highly efficient equipment that allows to fulfill the most ambitious tasks of the participants in the SPL championships: to offer unique solutions for fans of an uncompromisingly loud sound.