Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Ground Zero - Carhifi brand with world reputation

Within just a few years of the company's founding, Ground Zero was able to establish a worldwide reputation as a German carhifi manufacturer with American roots. While Ground Zero was one of the leading manufacturers in the subwoofer sector in the USA, the brand now offers an extensive range of more than 400 Carhifi products in over 65 countries - all "Made in Germany", of course!

Radioactive, Hydrogen and Iridium Series

Ground Zero owes its brand recognition, among other things, to the high-performance Carhifi products of the Radioactive series (see RADIOACTIVE GZRW 12XSPL or RADIOACTIVE GZRA 4HD), the Hydrogen series (e.g. the HYDROGEN GZHW 20XSPL subwoofer) as well as its much acclaimed Iridium series, for example the cabinet subwoofer IRIDIUM GZIB 2.12SPL 2x12"which is the brand new successor of the IRIDIUM GZIB 2.3000XSPL, featuring a reinforced cone structure and motor assembly. The Iridium series are high quality entry level products that deliver high performance at affordable prices.

High end products with the Plutonium, Uranium and Competition series.

Rounding out Ground Zero's lineup are the high-end carhifi products in the Plutonium and Uranium series, as well as the Competition series, which are designed specifically for competition use. Ground Zero's entire portfolio includes tweeters, midrange drivers, woofers and subwoofers as well as cabinet subwoofers, amplifiers, DSP, speaker sets or vehicle-specific speaker sets and a huge range of accessories such as power distributors, battery terminals, aluminum butyl insulation and speaker grilles.

Ground Zero - one of the top addresses in the carhifi sector

Ground Zero is one of the most respected brands in the carhifi sector. This reputation is repeatedly confirmed by comparative tests conducted by independent trade magazines, which regularly award the manufacturer's products top marks for price-performance, quality and features. Ground Zero's high quality standards are due to its meticulous in-house engineering, which fine-tunes the materials and crossover configuration as well as the sound design specifically to the respective concept. The resulting results speak for themselves!

After just a few years, Ground Zero has become internationally known as a German brand with American roots. In America, Ground Zero was the leading manufacturer of subwoofers with large surrounds. Today, with worldwide distribution in more than 65 countries, the company offers a complete range of over 400 car hifi products, all developed in Germany.

The globally protected Ground Zero brand is one of the most respected names in the car hifi sector. The best proof of this is provided by comparative tests in independent trade magazines, in which Ground Zero products repeatedly land on the winner's podium with top marks for price/performance, features and quality.

Meticulous in-house engineering is what sets Ground Zero speaker systems apart. Materials, sound design and crossover configuration are developed specifically for each concept.

Before a loudspeaker system is put on the market, it has to go through various stages of development, such as: Concept definition, technical simulation and drawings, prototyping and measurements in our laboratory. Once the measurements are approved, Ground Zero finalizes the design and the sound quality in detail. At the end, Ground Zero performs some complex and realistic load and in-car tests. As a result, the speaker systems set new standards in the market and are able to offer the customer "German Engineering" at the highest level.
Besides 4" coaxial speakers for beginners, high-end component systems "made in Germany" and high performance competition speakers, like the Ground Zero Plutonium or Reference series you will find the best of the Ground Zero range in our assortment!

Our Highlights in Ground Zero's portfolio are the following products: