Cerwin Vega

Cerwin Vega - the concert hall for the car

Cerwin Vega subwoofers aim to bring the live experience of a concert, including the sound pressure, into your own four walls or car. So anyone who likes it loud and brutal is definitely at the right address with Cerwin Vega.

Cerwin Vega Stroker - the subwoofer legend

The Cerwin Vega Stroker subwoofers have attained legendary status, which have caused a stir above all due to their extremely characteristic design with double centering spider (the second centering spider on the diaphragm as well as the "golden nipple" in the middle). By the way, Michael Müller aka "The Big Oki" set numerous world records in dB drag with this very subwoofer. Due to the double centering, the Cerwin Vega Stroker subwoofers have an incomparable impulse fidelity as well as an excellent efficiency thanks to the oversized drive.

The new Stroker Pro Series

After 15 years of development, Cerwin Vega has now launched the Stroker Pro Series. This includes, among others, a 15" as well as an 18" new edition of the legendary subwoofer. The Stroker Pro Classic SPCL182 combines, just like its smaller brother, the Stroker Pro SPCL152, the characteristic design of its predecessor with innovative and modern technology. In addition, with the Stroker Pro Classic CVMPCL6.5 and the Stroker Pro Classic CVMPCL8 the flagship of the brand is now also available as a bass-midrange speaker, of course including the patented double-core design.

Technical solutions from the world of music

That the products of Cerwin Vega withstand the highest loads, by the way, is no coincidence: For decades, the company has been supplying concert promoters and discotheques with PA systems that have to meet incredible demands in terms of resilience and stability. So if you want it to be really loud, there's no way around Cerwin Vega.

Since 1954, Cerwin Vega Mobile has been developing subwoofers that have gone down in the car hi-fi history books. Probably everyone is familiar with the legendary Cerwin Vega Stroker subwoofers, which stand out not only because of their very characteristic double center spider design (with the second center spider on the diaphragm and the "golden nipple" in the middle).

"The Big Oki" aka Michael Müller, has set multiple world records in dB drag with these subwoofers. They have by the double centering, an incredible impulse fidelity and by the oversized drive, an excellent efficiency, which they also set sonic standards.

In early 2019, Cerwin Vega Mobile, after 15 years of development, released the STROKER PRO series. Among them are the following 15" and 18" subwoofers, which you can find in our portfolio under the following name: STROKER PRO SPCL152 and SPCL182.

In addition, the STROKER PRO series has also been expanded to include mid-bass drivers that utilize the same dual center spider technology and oversized drive. They are available in 6.5" (16.5cm) , 8"(20cm) and 10"(25cm) under the names: STROKER PRO CVMPCL6, CVMPCL8 and CVMPCL10.