MUSWAY - Music is the Way

MUSWAY stands for "Music is the Way" - and that is exactly what can be said about the company's philosophy. The company founders understand music as part of their culture and way of life. MUSWAY's goal is to produce high-quality equipment for sophisticated and uncompromisingly good music reproduction. Shortly after its founding, the still relatively young MUSWAY brand was able to convince with high-quality Hi-Res Audio players, which were able to reproduce music completely without the usual losses. This was followed by digital sound processors (DSP) and the first Class D power amplifiers with DSP processors, which were presented to a wide audience for the first time in 2018. Since then, MUSWAY has been one of the number one places to go for technology and sound enthusiasts.

Outstanding sound and visual eye-catcher

However, MUSWAY products are not only convincing in terms of sound, but also visually. For example, the passive front system set MG6.2C. Especially the associated 16.5 cm woofer is a real feast for the eyes. Overall, the set - by the way, one of the top sellers of the MUSWAY brand - consists of two tweeters, two woofers and two crossovers. Also the 8-channel standalone processor DSP68 also shows itself in the best form typical for MUSWAY - and the equipment is also unique for this price segment: In addition to a stereo AUX input, the DSP68 has six RCA and high level inputs each. Furthermore, the processor can be controlled via an optical digital input. It is not for nothing that the DSP68 was able to secure the top ranking in the price-performance category in the Car & Hifi test of the 02/2021 issue.

Mini powerhouse and ultimate bass wonder

The 2-channel amplifier MUSWAY P2 is the ideal complement for already DSP-tuned preamplifier outputs of the MUSWAY M6 and D8 amplifiers. The particularly compact powerhouse can thereby function as a pure amplification module without a filter section, whereby - in keeping with the motto "Pure Amplification" - only the input sensitivity can be adjusted. Thanks to its extremely space-saving dimensions, the amplifier can be easily and conveniently stowed in the vehicle, for example in the glove compartment or behind the dashboard. A real all-rounder of the MUSWAY brand is the subwoofer MW-622. Thanks to its pre-installed connection cables, the small bass miracle provides powerful and at the same time smooth bass - and all this in an extremely compact housing.