Ring radiator tweeter

Ring radiator tweeter - The exotic sound wonder

The tweeter is an important area when it comes to detailed audio reproduction. For the high frequency range up to 20 kHz, a wide range of tweeters with different specifications is available. The top sellers in this category, by the way, are: Scanspeak DISCOVERY SERIES - R1904/613001, Scanspeak SILVER SERIES - R3004/602006, Hybrid Audio LEGATIA L1 PRO R2. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Hybrid audio, Scanspeak.

What is a ring radiator tweeter?

A ring radiator is a rare type of tweeter that is hardly known. The concept is based on a ring-shaped diaphragm. This is fixed between the outer rim and a central "phase plug". The phase plug is a small cone located in the center of the speaker. A centrally located voice coil is responsible for the back and forth movement of the diaphragm. Two pioneers in this field are the manufacturers Scanspeak and Hybrid Audio, which have made this type of tweeter popular.

How does a ring radiator affect the sound?

Ring radiators are Premium tweeters, which are characterized by a characteristic sound image on a high-end level. High sensitivities with more than 90 dB as well as a huge frequency range up to 40 kHz characterize a precise sound experience and enable the reproduction of every single detail.

When does a ring radiator tweeter make sense?

Due to the good-natured directivity ring radiators are perfect for near-field applications. The small diameter allows the tweeters to be conveniently installed in the A-pillar. Ring radiators are suitable for any sound system a useful addition to any sound system to cover the entire spectrum of the high-frequency range with confidence.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

We at Masori currently offer ring radiator tweeters from the following manufacturers in our range: Hybrid Audio, Scanspeak.


Tweeters are an indispensable element to create a holistic sound image. Ring radiators are considered to be exotic among tweeters and are not suitable due to the intelligent material compositions intended for high-end applications and demanding music listeners.