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5" coaxial loudspeaker - a treat for the ears

The sound concept of a complex sound system is based on the reproduction of all audible frequency ranges. A 13 cm coaxial speaker is a special type of speaker for mid- and high-frequency ranges. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Rockford Fosgate POWER T152, Ground Zero RADIOACTIVE GZRF 5.2SQ, AB Acoustics SB13PFCR25-4-COAX. If you want to jump straight to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Rockford Fosgate, Ground Zero, SB Acoustics.

How coaxial speakers affect the sound

Who equips his sound system with coaxial speakers, has Midrange speaker and tweeter in one speaker chassis. The combo speakers are capable of, high frequencies up to 20 kHz. Since high frequencies are short-wave, they require only a small amount of power. For this reason, coaxial speakers usually have an RMS power between 40 - 90 watts.

What should I look for in a coaxial speaker?

The installation depth plays an important role in the choice of loudspeaker plays an important role. In addition, the RMS power, the impedance range and a wide frequency response are important. The latter is crucial for a high-quality sound experience. In addition, a high sound pressure (dB) has a positive effect on the sound.

What are the special features of a coaxial speaker?

Coaxial speakers are equipped with a crossover in the form of a high-pass filter. This filters the mid from the high frequency passages and directs them to the appropriate speaker. Since it is tweeters are sensitive loudspeakers, most models are equipped with a water-repellent IMPP membrane coated.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, 13 cm coaxial speakers from the following manufacturers are available at Masori: Blam, Ground Zero, JL Audio, Morel, Rockford Fosgate, SB Acoustics, Vibe Audio


Coaxial loudspeakers enhance any sound system and provide a balanced sound image. Since this type of speaker is designed exclusively for the reproduction of medium and high frequency ranges, a subwoofer should be operated in parallel for the bass-heavy passages.