Speaker rings

Speaker rings

Important info about speaker rings

A loudspeaker needs a firm mounting to avoid unwanted oscillations and vibrations that distort the sound result. Our speaker rings provide the necessary stability. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Masori Aluring 165-21 Universal for 6.5" (16,5CM), Lasered loudspeaker aluminium rings/ steel rings - made to measure"., SIP Aluminum Ring Adapter BMW-UP4 for 4" (10 cm). If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Masori, SIP.

What is the purpose of speaker rings?

Speaker rings are used for fixed installation of aftermarket loudspeakers. In most vehicles, the factory-fitted speaker rings are made of unstable plastic and offer little stability. To ensure that the audio output is not distorted or the sound quality reduced, it is important that the loudspeakers do not move during operation.

What are speaker rings made of

The rings available in our portfolio are made of speaker rings are made of aluminum or stainless steel and provide the necessary strength to the speakers. These are available in a variety of sizes. With some manufacturers are custom made based on modern laser technology possible.

What should I look for when buying?

Basically the right measure is crucial so that the speakers have no room to move. Furthermore, it is important to avoid wooden speaker rings and to focus exclusively on aluminum or stainless steel models. Since wooden rings are sensitive to moisture, they start to rot and cause damage to the speakers.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes speaker rings from the following manufacturers: Ground Zero, Masori, SIP, Vibe Audio.


For maximum sound enjoyment, the standard speaker rings should be replaced with high-quality and vibration damping metal rings be replaced. Our speaker rings provide stability and are available for purchase in different materials and sizes.