5" (13cm) Mitteltöner

5" (13cm) midrange driver

Important facts about 5" midrange drivers

A good front system forms the basis of a car hi-fi system and ensures remarkable sound performance. For sound lovers with discerning ears, the highest sound demands are best realized with a 5" midrange driver. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Tang Band W5-1880, SB Acoustics SATORI MR13PNW / PAPER, SB Acoustics SATORI MR13P / PAPER. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Tang band, SB Acoustics.

Powerful levels for car hifi enthusiasts

The 5 inch midrange driver is already considered above average size and is capable of producing powerful levels. There are also high-quality full-range drivers in this category with an extensive frequency spectrum in the mid-range and high-frequency range.

What are the highlights of a 5 inch midrange driver?

The midrange drivers have special neodymium magnets. Its metal is produced from rare earths and is responsible for generating an electric field and passing it on to the voice coil. The strengths of neodymium magnets are particularly noticeable in the high-frequency sector, whereby the Loudspeaker can produce higher sound pressure levels with the same power.

Installation of a 5 inch midrange speaker

The installation of these models is possible with special GRP or wooden mounts. In most cases the driver still find room in the door panels. As a rule, midrange speakers of this format are recommended for tinkerers who want to make a bigger effort.

What manufacturers offers Masori?

Currently, 13 cm midrange drivers from the following manufacturers are available at Masori: SB Acoustics, Tang Band


Car hifi enthusiasts who demand a lot from the front system and expect high levels from the speakers will have a lot of fun with a 5 inch midrange driver. In addition, the midrange drivers cover a wide frequency range and provide a balanced sound experience in the car.