2" (5cm) Mitteltöner

2" (5cm) midrange driver

2" midrange driver - For high sound demands in the car

Midrange drivers complete a car hifi system and cover the most important frequency spectrum of the audible range. A 2 inch midrange speaker is characterized by a first-class sound in addition to the space-saving properties. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Ground Zero URANIUM GZUM 55SQ, Hybrid Audio LEGATIA L2 SE, Morel VIRTUS NANO MM2. If you want to jump straight to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Ground Zero, Morel, Hybrid audio.

Characteristic sound with 2 inch midrange drivers

The midrange extends from the fundamental to the lower treble, giving a frequency range of 170 - 2,500 Hz corresponds. Midrange drivers operate in the range where the human ear is most sensitive and form the basis of any sound system. With a diameter of 2 inches, these are the smallest midrange drivers we offer in our range.

What are full range midrange drivers?

For a large part of the midrange drivers are full-range loudspeakers. Full-range speakers are midrange speakers that, like coaxial speakers, are capable of reproducing the entire range of sound. midrange and tweeter range reproduce the entire mid- and high-frequency range. Unlike coaxial speakers, full-range drivers have only one diaphragm and are based on a complex development process. The use of these models eliminates the need for an additional tweeter.

What are the advantages of a 2 inch midrange driver?

These small midrange drivers are easy to install in the vehicle and are excellent for mounting on the dashboard or in the door panels. Since most models cover a wide frequency range, there is often no need for another tweeter. Despite the compact design some offer Midrange a remarkable RMS power of 90 watts.

What manufacturers offers Masori?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 5 cm midrange drivers from the following manufacturers: Ground Zero, Hybrid Audio, Morel, Peerless By Tymphany


Within a multi-channel speaker system, midrange drivers represent an essential element for a high-quality sound result. The models are available in different power ranges and cover a wide frequency range. In addition, they are ideally suited for installation in small cars.