Speaker cable

Suitable speaker cables for any sound system

Speaker cables provide the connection from the amplifier to the speaker system. At Masori, we offer speaker cables for powerful amplifiers up to 10,000 watts. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Masori 2X2,5 mm² OFC speaker cable twisted 10M, Masori 2X4 mm² OFC speaker cable 5M, Viablue SC-2 SILVER 2X4 m² speaker cable per meter. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Masori, VIABLUE.

Wide range of speaker cables

Speaker cables are used to transmit the amplified signal of the power amplifier to the speakers and subwoofer. We have cables with different cross sections in the form of double-core cables in our assortment. Since current can only flow in a closed circuit, speaker cables are available exclusively with plus and minus wires in combination, which is marked as 2x in the product name. Unlike normal power cables, there is no permanent current at the speaker cables. For this reason, these cables do not require additional fusing.

What are the properties of speaker cables?

To avoid short circuits, positive and negative wires are always separated from each other and only meet at the voice coil of the loudspeaker the loudspeaker. The voice coil then sets the speaker membrane in motion. The speaker cables are available from us as twisted pair variant available. The twisting is important to protect the cable from magnetic field-induced interference from other power sources. Otherwise, these interferences would distort the audio reproduction.

What is the right cross-section?

The cross section of a loudspeaker cable always depends on the Height of the current depends. The more current is applied to the output of a amplifier the thicker the cable must be in order to transport the signal to the loudspeaker without overheating. We offer speaker cables between 1.5 mm² - 10 mm².

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori we currently offer speaker cables from the following manufacturers in our range: JL Audio, Masori, VIABLUE.


The OFC speaker cables are characterized by an fine strand structure and an excellent conductance. The product selection offers the right cables for every sound system. Due to the highly flexible insulation the cables can be laid comfortably in the vehicle even in tight places.