Hifi amplifier for maximum sound enjoyment

Hifi multichannel or mono amplifiers have the task of amplifying the signal from the source. This is done by feeding the signal with power. After that, the speaker becomes active. Large amplifiers usually require an extra battery, which is rule of thumb is a power from 1,000 watts. Different variants of hifi amplifiers are available with the integrated signal processor, DSP for short, also available as mono or multi-channel configuration. The amplifier classes D and AB are largely preferred to buy the right make in any case. Amplifiers from JL Audio, Vibe Audio and Blam are among the most popular brands in our store. If you want to jump directly to our top brands, it's this way: B2 Audio, Blam, JL Audio, Pride and Vibe Audio.

Different classes of amplifiers to consider when buying

Hifi amplifiers are divided into classes, here is an overview:
  • Class A: referred to as the "bundle of energy". This class contains hardly any distortion and scores with the best sound quality. However, Class A consumes more power
  • Class B: is economical, requires less power than the Class A makes.
  • Class AB - flexible use, the combination of versions A and B, it can be said, the best features of both variants, are in the Class AB
  • Class C - is suitable for analog amplifiers
  • Class D - works purely digitally, is often used with active loudspeakers. The term switching amplifier applies here
  • Class E - scores with the characteristics of Class C and D. The performances are correspondingly efficient
Class D are efficient and powerful. The popular Class AB version combines the advantages of Class A and Class B amplifiers and is most common in multi-channel amplifiers today.

Why is a hifi amplifier with DSP necessary?

This amplifier is able to turn a standard speaker used in the standard version into a excellent sound experience from a standard speaker used in the standard version. The audio signal is split, and evenly distributed in the frequency ranges. The digital sound processor is, succinctly speaking, a component, but it digitizes the car hifi system, so to speak. The resulting signals are carefully forwarded, the result is the improvement of sound quality.

Multi-channel or mono-channel amplifier

The mono channel amplifier or the single-channel amplifier score with simple operation and are suitable for subwoofers. The multi-channel amplifier has at least two up to six channels. The most common version consists of four channels. Again, the more channels, the more different speakers can be actively operated and separated. Special form: DSP amplifier. The hifi amplifier shines with power and the DSP software. The sound system works solely through a single amplifier. DSP and amplifier are in one housing and do all the work. An optional accompanying remote control with LCD display is another highlight, which is often found in DSP amplifiers. It does not necessarily have to be the premium device. However, if you value high sound quality, you are not satisfied with the standard speakers and are looking for an efficient solution. Nothing works without additional speakers and amplification, that's for sure. There are hifi Amplifiers for sound fanaticsfrom the entry-level model to the exclusive high-end amplifier. What power should a hi-fi amplifier have? Among other things, it also depends on the number of channels. The 4-channel amplifier is the most purchased. The cooperation with two speakers, the radio and a medium subwoofer fits and leads to very good sound experiences. Whether the multi-channel amplifier is suitable or rather a smaller version is also dependent on the type of car.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori, amplifiers with different numbers of channels are currently available from the following manufacturers: ARC Audio, Audio System, Awave, B2 Audio, Blam, DD Audio, DLS, Edge Car Audio, ESX, FOR-X, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Kicker, MiniDSP, Morel, Musway, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, Soundigital and STEG.


It is known that even very good car radios do not bring the sound quality. The amplifiers and additional speakers are helpful to get to the desired sound experience to come. The oversized selection of amplifiers and loudspeakers often irritates. It therefore makes sense to take a close look at the brands on offer before making a purchase. Not every hifi amplifier is automatically suitable for every sound system. In addition, music tastes are different, some people love the bass tones and full volume, others rather fine sounds. We are happy to help!