Electronics for the Carhifi

There are sound processors and signal processors, with the help of which the active speakers are adjusted with a computer or an app. The goal is to highest sound quality to achieve. High-Low Adapter are necessary to pick up the radio signal and transmit it to the new amplifiers at the same time. Different High-Low adapters are in our assortment. The task is still to eliminate the cable noise. The popular High Low Adapter"Loc-22", was developed for full range and low frequency applications. The isolating relay is responsible for isolating the additional battery from the starter battery. This is relevant when the engine is not running. To measure clipping, frequency response or the amplifier power, take a look at ourMeasuring devices. The electronics section contains numerous electronics segments, such as the mentioned sound processor, signal processor, DSP (the digital signal processor) and the crossover.

Audio System DSP 8.12

The Audio System DSP 8.12, for example, is a 12-channel Avalanche sound processor that has eight individual channels and 12 output channels, which it also controls perfectly. DSP simply explained, is a processor or computer that processes certain signals, in this case music. The DSP influences the audio signal during playback and is capable of adapting the sounds to the acoustic conditions. The DSP amplifier, combines the DSP with an amplifier as an all-in-one unit and lets you drive the speakers directly with the device without using other extrene amplifiers.


Why a Crossover needed? Where loudspeakers are in use, a crossover is also inevitable, if not already present in an amplifier, or actively separated by a DSP. The task of the crossover is to regulate any device that emits sound with the signals that the speaker can process; in other words, low frequencies are also only available to the so-called woofers to be assigned. The woofer, as the name suggests, emits the low tones. The frequency range is between 30 and 600 Hz, only after that occurs the Midrange into action. Basses logically require more energy and also more air. The crossover is a must when different speakers with different pitches are in use. The combination of these different frequency ranges and the appropriate sound distribution for them can only be realized with an appropriate crossover. The so-called passive speaker sets always have a crossover on board.

Batteries and isolation relays

The high-energy lithium batteries of Ultimatron, can be additionally equipped with the isolating relays specially developed for batteries by Stinger Elektrconics can be installed.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

In the Electronics section at Masori you can currently find products from the brands: ARC Audio, Audio System, Awave, B2 Audio, CS-Batteries, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce, ESX, Expert Electronics, FOR-X,Ground Zero, Hifonics, JuBaTec, LIONTRON, MiniDSP, Musway, Optima Batteries, Panther Batteries, Power Cell, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, SMD, Soundigital, SPL Lab, STEG, Stetsom, Stinger, SuperB, Ultimatron and Yinlong.


The subject of audio for the car fundamentally always includes the fields of electronics. The crossover regulates the high and low tones. Digital sound processors optimally adjust the amplifier power to the speaker needs. Lithium batteries guarantee the additional need of power. The isolating relays reliably separate the additional battery from the starter battery. High-low adapters allow the connection of aftermarket amplifiers directly to the original radio.