Powerful batteries in car hifi

If there is a complex music system in combination with a power-hungry amplifier in the car, the power supply system will reach its limits quite quickly. In this case, an additional battery is required. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Power Cell 1100L - 20AH AGM, Ultimatron UBL-24V-100AH - LIFEPO4, Yinlong 66160H 13.8V - 40AH LTO SET 1. If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands, we recommend you to take a look at: Ultimatron, Power Cell, Yinlong.

That is why an auxiliary battery is important

The standard on-board power supply system is not designed for additional consumers in the form of an car hi-fi system system. For this reason, an additional battery is a must from an RMS amplifier output of less than 1,000 watts. Sound systems with this power format suck up the the starter battery, which increases the risk that the car will no longer start.

Which battery is suitable for my system?

Commonly used forms include AMG lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. A new trend at the moment is the high-energy round cell batteries, which are available as do-it-yourself kits. For large sound systems that are often used to listen to music without the engine running, our CS batteries are a recommended choice. For Amplifier with high power consumption, LTO cells serve as a reliable power source.

Lead vs. lithium which is better?

Lead-acid batteries are rugged and time-tested energy storage, which are quite insensitive to cold and sub-zero temperatures. Lithium batteries are more sensitive to temperature, but have significantly more charging cycles. However, the longevity is reflected in a higher price.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori we currently offer batteries from the following manufacturers in our range: Audio System, B2 Audio, CS-Batteries, JuBaTec, LIONTRON, Optima Batteries, Panther Batteries, Power Cell, SuperB, Ultimatron, Winston, Yinlong.


Auxiliary batteries are essential for running a powerful sound system to avoid overloading the stock power system. The powerful energy sources can be conveniently installed in the spare wheel well or in the trunk and always ensure a stable power supply.