Power & Cable

Speaker cables and more for the car

No audio system can do without the right cables. Here it is not enough to simply install "any" cables from the hardware store. Speaker cables for optimal sound require certain demands. The purposeful, high-quality cables are made of 100% pure copper, also known as OFC cable. OFC means Oxygen Free Copper, in other words, the inner conductors are made of oxygen-free copper. The task of the cables is to conduct the power generated by the battery to the amplifier, to reach the speakers with the help of the amplifiers. The power cables, for example, are available in these different sizes:
  • 10 mm²
  • 20 mm²
  • 35 mm²
  • 50 mm²
The speaker cables are available with the sizes 2 x 2.5 mm² (we recommend this loudspeaker cable) and 2 x 2.4 mm² present. The category of power & cables also includes batteries - and lithium, LiFeO04 and batteries from Lead AGM. The power needs of the complete Carhifi systems are thus ensured. Outside the important audio cables are the SSCAP2M capacitor and the splash-proof ANL fuse holder our most popular best sellers.

Advantages of OFC audio cables

  • The moderate specific resistance
  • the cables are ideal in the field of electrical engineering
  • the high electrical conductivity is worth mentioning
  • the fantastic sound not to be missed
The higher the cross-section, the better the current flows. This should definitely be taken into account when buying. The construction of the High-end speaker cables is designed so that the current flows smoothly and without interference. It makes sense to use short speaker cables to count on the least possible losses. It is also advisable not to focus on cheap products, because especially in this area, inferior speaker cables and audio cables should not be used under any circumstances. At Masori, however, you can be sure that every cable has been tested by us and thus transmits your music signal loss-free.

Cable sets - recommendable?

Cable sets are a good solution. The recommended BIG3 Upgrade Set OFC 50 mm² is something for enthusiasts with a Carhifi system that draws large amounts of power. Logically, the Carhifi audio system loads the electronics, which means that an above-average amount of power is consumed. The aforementioned "Big3 Electrics Upgrade- Package" provides voltage stability by improving the charging current from the alternator to the battery. How is this possible? The maximum current flow of the alternator plus the ground connection of the system to the chassis is stable and is significantly improved. This is noticeable in the performance of the lighting system and the charging voltage, which in turn depends on the ground connection. In the set is the resilient, resistant copper cable with 53.5 mm² cross-section, which allows replacement:
  • the ground line of the battery to the body
  • the line of the body to the engine block
  • and the output line of the alternator, as already explained

The basis of the car hifi system is the power supply

Necessary are speaker cables and audio cables; without them, the use of speakers in the car is not possible. Experts confirm that nothing is done wrong with copper cables. The much cheaper cables made of aluminum are suitable for excellent high-end systems in no way applicable. Copper also has above-average conductivity. The speaker cable, so to speak the last link in the cable chain, is therefore an important component for the optimum sound result. The speakers receive their power from the Amplifieralso known by the term power amplifier. Without amplifier nothing works, because the power of the car radio is far from sufficient. The power amplifier provides the amplification of the current signal to supply the speakers.

Audio cables, RCA cables and power cables - Our pro tip:

The Nf-A7 clinch cable is a so-called high-end RCA cable. Fine treble and deep bass can be achieved with the special audio cable. Thus, enthusiasts get the maximum out of the installed components. The standard lengths range from 50 to 800 cm. RCA cables that score with the coaxial structure and triple-shield technology deliver the best results.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

In the area of power & cables, you can buy from the following manufacturers at masori: Audio System, Heltec, QNBBM, B2 Audio, ESX, FOUR Connect, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Masori, Massive Audio, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, SECH, Sky High Car Audio, SMD, Stinger, VIABLUE, Vibe Audio, Winston and Yinlong.


High-quality music equipment or amplifiers and speakers can also be used only with the equally powerful speaker cable and audio cable. The cables pass the current evenly. The quality of music reproduction also depends, among other things, on the cables and the reliable forwarding of the current.