Winston - Leading manufacturer of high performance lithium batteries

Winston, based in Shenzhen, China, is one of the world's leading suppliers of lithium batteries based on LiFeYPO4 as the cathode material. Winston manufactures battery cells from 20 Ah up to 1000 Ah. The cells have the EC Declaration of Conformity, so that safe use can be guaranteed.

The lithium batteries of the Winston brand guarantee maximum operational safety as well as high cycle stability and a long service life combined with low weight. Due to the automated production of the batteries, the products can be offered at an excellent price/performance ratio.

A highlight from the Winston range is the lithium yttrium high performance battery WB-LP12V90Ah LiFeYPO4 with a quiescent voltage of 13.8 V as well as a capacity of 90 Ah. The battery has a nominal voltage of 12 V, while the operating voltage is between 11.5 V and 15 V. Possible areas of use represent all traction applications including electric vehicles. In addition, the WB-LP12V90Ah LiFeYPO4 can also be used for stationary applications such as energy storage.

The same also applies to the Winston WB-LP12V60Ah LiFeYPO4 as well as the Winston WB-LP12V40Ah, which, however, have a capacity of 60 Ah and 40 Ah, respectively. Like the WB-LP12V90Ah, these monolithic 12 V batteries do not have a BMS (battery management system) inside, but finely tuned, uniformly powerful cells. We recommend that batteries of this type are not connected in series, but operated as individual monolithic 12 V blocks.

Even the high-performance lithium cell Winston WB-LYP90AHA-3.3V/90Ah makes use of LiFePO4 technology, which neither self-ignites nor reacts with moisture or oxygen, ensuring the best possible safety. The minimum voltage of the WB-LYP90AHA is 2.5V, and 3.65V is recommended for initial and subsequent charging.