B-goods for price-conscious buyers

Although our products are already very low priced from the beginning, there is something special for bargain hunters to find in the area of B-Ware and Remaining Stock.

What is Masori B-Ware?

In this section you can find products at attractive special prices. These are products with different price reductions, which are for bargain hunters especially attractive for bargain hunters. The nature of the product selection varies and refers to items that are technically in perfect working order. Products are from photo samples that have been unwrapped once for a photo shoot or shipping returns, as well as products with minimal cosmetic damage. All products have been inspected and are guaranteed to work properly. The products have full warranty, just like A-ware products.

What are the advantages of B-Ware?

By buying B-ware, customers additionally spare their wallet and acquire a fully functional item. In addition, a purchase of B-ware products actively supports the environment, as the items do not become worthless and remain part of the sales cycle.

What is the difference with A-goods?

The products marked as B-goods are technically in a perfect condition and can be used for the intended purpose without any problems. However, these products differ from the usual condition of the regular A-grade goods deviate. This manifests itself, for example, in damaged or incomplete original packaging, cables or goods with optically slight transport damage. Furthermore, it may be exhibition goods or shipping returns. The degree of deviation varies depending on the product.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our assortment at Masori includes B-goods from the following manufacturers: Masori.


For every car hifi enthusiast who is looking for a favorable offer is worth taking a look at this category. The category offers technically flawless and various products. However, it should be noted that the condition may vary depending on the product.