1-channel amplifier

1-channel amplifier

Interesting facts about 1-channel amplifier

The right amplifier for the car sound system is not always easy. However, if the best sound is to be enjoyed, a perfect power amplifier is indispensable. We offer in the range Carhifi everything your heart desires, and make sure that every Carhifi set finally has the, matching Car amplifierwith enough power gets.

With the 1-channel amplifiers are mostly Class-D digital amplifiers. This is due to the fact that in the car is not unlimited current available, for the drive of Car subwoofers high power is required to drive car subwoofers. Therefore, the circuit should also be correspondingly efficient to maintain stability even at low impedances. A practical addition to our 1-channel amplifiers: they usually come with a bass remote control to control the bass directly from the driver's seat.

Special purpose for 1-channel amplifier

One 1-channel amplifier, also Monoblock amplifier, is used specifically for the operation of a car subwoofer installed. Good Mono amplifier usually have a large damping factor and more power directly to the subwoofer. The damping factor provides improved control at the subwoofer, and tight bass. A 1-channel power amplifier is designed specifically for a subwoofer to maximize its performance and provide harmonious bass.

Subwoofer and 1-channel amplifier should be well matched to each other in order to achieve an optimal result. As mentioned, the impedance and the power is crucial. So if the subwoofer has an impedance of 2 ohms, the mono amplifier should also be capable of 2 ohms. Basically find these Monoblock amplifier used in the automotive sector, but not infrequently certain models are also used for boats.

What are the 1-channel power amplifier technologies?

On the Autohifi market there are countless 1 channel amplifierwith the most diverse technologies. It is always important to find the best for the present needs, to ultimately get the maximum sound quality out of the car sound system. In addition to the appearance, they also differ in functionality and performance.

For example, there are 1-channel amplifier with low-pass filterwhich are able to eliminate unwanted high bass tones if the radio does not offer sufficient setting options. If a particularly clear sound is desired, this makes perfect sense.

Also by different connections, such as RCA or Highlevel differ the Power amplifiers. In addition Amplifier available, which transmit the audio content via Bluetooth to the 1-channel power amplifier and thus prevent too many cables. However, these are rather rare, and they are basically a lot more expensive than the devices with cables.

Different ventilation systems also provide different designs and sizes of the Power amplifiers. This should be considered especially if there is little space for the device in the car anyway, or if several power amplifiers are to be installed.

1-Channel Amplifier - Top Brands

1-channel power amplifiers buy cheap online is no longer a problem. Whether used or new, you can always find a suitable device. But also in the Carhifi sector, it is worthwhile, as everywhere else, to inform yourself well about the offers on the market in order to ultimately have a satisfactory result. Therefore we have here the Top brands for 1-channel amplifier summarized to provide an overview, and the best price-performance for mono amplifiers to guarantee.

B2 Audio

Since 2008, the company has been selling its products all over the world under the motto "You can never B2 loud". Clear and straightforward designs, innovative quality and constant development make the Danish manufacturer a favorite in the scene.

Vibe Audio

The English company belongs with over 25 years of experience in the Carhifi sector among the old hands, and delivers reliable and always optimized products. With its sound systems and technologies, the company has already won several awards.


Already in 1989 Stetsom brings out its first car sound system, and is thus not to be excluded from the scene. In more than 60 countries around the world, Stetsom provides better sound in a wide variety of cars.

Our top sellers of the 1-channel power amplifiers

It is therefore not surprising that also our three Top Seller Mono Amplifiers come from the top brands.

The Stetsom EX Seriesto which the Stetsom EX3000EQ amplifier belongs, offers both a 1 Ohm connection as well as 2 Ohm connection with innovative electronic components, a great price-performance ratio, and a classic design.

The B2 Audio AmplifierRIOT 7500v2 with full range technology comes with a Bass remote control, small dimensions and 1 Ohm stability.

Vibe Audio offers with the Powerbox 400.1 the smallest dimensions, and still a lot of power. Also this Class D mono amplifier (digital amplifier) comes with an external bass remote control.