Accessories for the best sound

Accessories" means everything that is needed for the installation of the speakers plus amplifier in the car, i.e. from the subwoofer housing to the speaker adapter everything is represented. You might be surprised how many different components are offered as accessories:
  • Subwoofer enclosure
  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • Tools
  • Measuring devices
  • Measuring microphones
  • High-Low Adapter
  • special loudspeaker adapters

Subwoofer enclosure

The subwoofer cabinet should preferably also look chic, the choice is extensive. In particular, subwoofer enclosures from Masori are in great demand. The model BIG PRO12" contains the bass reflex tuning with a long port. The cabinet is designed for powerful, strong 12 inch subwooferswhich operate at 1,000 watts. The cabinet is laid out on MDF - with a thickness of 28 mm - and glued with a special glue. The finish scores with a black moquette felt fabric. The cabinet has typical characteristics that you will find in all cabinets in this form:
  • Volume 60 L
  • Size of the speaker 30 cm / 12 inches
  • maximum installation depth 280 mm
  • hole diameter 282 mm
  • tuning frequency 32 Hz
If you want to jump directly to the most popular brands for measuring instruments, we recommend you to have a look at: miniDSP, SMD and of course the products of our proven house brand Masori.

Loudspeaker grilles

The Speaker grilles are available in different dimensions and shapes. The speaker grilles are suitable for example for woofer and midrange drivers, or only for Midrange driver or explicitly for the manufacturer's speakers. So it's important that you pay attention to compatibility. The speaker grilles are intended as protection, some people see the beautiful, manufactured speaker grilles as decoration at the same time.


Measuring the frequency response, or the voltage in the car can also be done by yourself. The measuring devices are used to measure electrical circuits or sound paths of audio equipment, or that of airborne sound.


The capacitor is used for efficient regulation of voltage drops that may be caused by high power amplifier output. It is useful to use the capacitor charged before the positive terminal is applied to the battery terminal. Batteries do not work as quickly as the capacitor, which is described as follows. The capacitor consists of two electrodes separated by insulating material and protects against voltage spikes, the current is excellently regulated.


Noise and vibration are to be insulated with special alubutyl mats. Different frequencies emitted by the sound system can cause vibrations, which in turn cause noise. The Insulation is therefore an important factor. The sound experience should be reproduced pure and clear and also remain pure. Airborne sound insulation is also known as sound insulation, by reflecting the sound waves. Insulation as structure-borne sound insulation is the "de-noise", the vibration of the materials is significantly reduced, Noise are no longer perceptible. To put it casually, the car contains sheet metal parts, meaning among other things the doors, which suddenly resonate and produce disturbing noises. Insulation with Alubutyl is recommended by experts.

High-low adapter

This adapter can be used with car radios that are factory installed and do not have extra speaker outputs. The external speaker outputs are connected to the High-Low adapter and the clinch outputs of the adapter pick up the signal relevant for the input of the respective amplifier. Some High-Low Adapter have two additional output channels to activate a second power amplifier with the help of the amplifier.

Our pro tip:

Cables are common accessories. For the commissioning of amplifiers and subwoofers, high-quality cables made of copper are recommended. To the division of measuring tools also belongs a distortion detector (SMD DD-1), which has the task of keeping the distortion of an amplifier as low as possible.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori there are currently any accessories from well-known manufacturers such as: Audio System, Awave, B2 Audio, CTK, Dayton Audio, DD Audio, ESX, FOR-X, FOUR Connect, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Kicker, Masori, MiniDSP, Musway, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, SECH, SIP, SMD, Soundigital, SPL Lab, STEG, Stetsom, Stinger, VIABLUE, Vibe Audio, Vibrofiltr, Winston and Yinlong.