Wavtech - the foundation for your speaker installation

U.S.-based Wavtetch is a manufacturer of high-low adapters that allow users to retain all of a vehicle's factory options while ensuring a solid foundation for installing high-quality speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.

High-Low Adapters with unique features for any situation

For example, do you want to add just one subwoofer for better bass saturation, or even replace all factory-installed speakers and amplifiers? - Wavtech offers an adequate solution for every situation! So you can find in the Wavtech range 2-channel up to 8-channel high-low adapters with various unique features, for example a sound reconstruction, which is necessary if a signal change by the OEM factory radio should occur.

From High-Level to Low-Level

The High-Low Adapter linkDQ from Wavtech transforms a high-level signal, e.g. the output signal of the car radio, into a low-level signal that can be used as input signal by a power amplifier at the RCA inputs. A high-low adapter of this type becomes necessary when a factory-installed vehicle radio has no speaker outputs. In this way, the speaker outputs can be connected to the high-low adapter and the signal can be tapped at the RCA outputs of the adapter. In doing so, the linkDQ features the same LOC and line driver that characterizes all Wavtech brand products. In addition, the individual frequency levels can be individually adjusted by means of a parametric EQ, which can be controlled via a remote control.

Reprocessing of the original bass frequencies

If the deficits in the low frequency ranges are to be compensated, we recommend the Wavtech bassRESTOR. This enriches the radio signal with the necessary bass frequencies in real time, so that the music title regains its original depth. If instead you simply need a 2-channel LOC (Line Output Converter) without any additional bells and whistles, you've come to the right place. Wavtech Link2 This high-low adapter scores especially with its compact dimensions and can therefore be installed almost anywhere without any problems.

The Wavtech OEM integration products allow users to retain all of their vehicle's factory options while providing a solid foundation for the installation of high-quality aftermarket amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers.

The range includes the following products:

linkDQ 2-channel LOC/Line Driver with parametric EQ.

  • When upgrading your audio system, it's important to start with the right interface. The linkDQ is the best LOC/Line driver on the market. It can accept input voltage up to 40V, making it compatible with even the most powerful factory amplifiers. The parametric EQ can compensate for most bass weaknesses of factory systems. With 10 V output voltage, your system will always have enough headroom.

bassRESTOR Bass Restoration Processor

  • If you listen to classic rock or other music that lacks low end, bassRESTOR is the solution. With complete control over the bass restoration process, it's easy to tune any system for optimal performance.

link2 2-channel LOC

  • A high-quality LOC is an important starting point when you're outfitting an OEM system with aftermarket audio. The link2 is the ultimate "entry level" LOC.

link4 4-channel LOC with summing and remote control

  • When it comes to adding one or more amplifiers to your audio system, the link4 can do what other manufacturers' models can't. Simply put, the link4 is the most flexible 4-channel LOC you can buy.

link6 6-channel LOC with summing and remote control

  • The most common aftermarket audio system is front and rear speakers with a subwoofer. The link6 is the perfect solution for this upgrade. If your system needs 3-way summing, it can handle that too. With the included multi-function remote, you can control and fine tune the volume of the subwoofer.

link8 8-channel LOC with summing and remote control

  • Today's factory-installed audio systems are becoming increasingly complex. Since many of the vehicle's controls and functions are built into the source unit, it is no longer possible to replace it. Some vehicles have amplifiers for each speaker. If you're not happy with the sound of the OEM system, these factors make it increasingly difficult to upgrade. That's why you need a Link8.