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Do it yourself - Everything for hobbyists

Who likes to screw and tinker is addressed here. Installing the insulation, building the subwoofer housing yourself, eliminating the disturbances caused by rattling panels and much more. For the stable installation of aftermarket speakers, it is important to install speaker rings around the speaker and finished Subwoofer housing to bring the individual subwoofer in its appropriate new workplace, are activities that anyone can do yourself. This also includes, the speaker terminals and Reflex tubes around the self-built subwoofer box to perferktionieren. This sounds complicated, but it is quite feasible.

The insulation is easy to realize

To Insulation The special Alubutyl mats are suitable, which are also self-adhesive. They can be easily applied to doors, the engine bulkhead, wheel arches, the trunk and the hood. The easy handling convinces of this type of insulation. The thick aluminum foils ensure durability and robustness. Here you will find a very popular mat from the top brand Vibrofiltr. Building the subwoofer cabinet yourself is not complicated at all for the skilled screwdriver with the step-by-step instructions. What is important is the planning:
  • Which subwoofer is to be installed?
  • What is the diameter of the subwoofer?
  • At what height can the vehicle's spare wheel well be used, for example?
  • How much volume does the subwoofer require?
  • Does it make sense to install the amplifier in the spare wheel well as well?
If you want to purchase a suitable subwoofer enclosure directly, you can, for example, go to this housing from our own joinery reach for.

Installation speaker grille

On the market there are special DIY speakers with the corresponding Speaker grille, which can be attached directly. It does not need to be glued, but can be installed with four screws.

Subwoofer enclosure fit for your subwoofer

The subwoofer enclosure are the right choice to install your individually purchased subwoofer. The housings are available in all earthly sizes, guaranteed there is one for your subwoofer. Let us advise you. h2>What is necessary for any DIY application? The speakers and subwoofers are available, as well as the matching cables, connectors and ferrules that provide protection against short circuits and ensure a safe and trouble-free connection. More complicated is the laying of cables and the installation of a speaker. To install insulation on the car door goes without saying. The possibility exists to perform many activities yourself. Installing the audio system yourself is a challenge for many users and users, but feasible. In the door panels and A-pillars are mounted speakers. The amplifier and subwoofers most people install in the trunk. The classic upgrade is the installation of Speakers, the integration of the amplifier and subwoofer unit. Three ways to elegantly accommodate subwoofers:
  • Installing subwoofer enclosure in the trunk is a solution
  • Subwoofers are also popular to install in the spare wheel well
  • Subwoofers are also mounted on the side walls in the trunk, mainly with GRP enclosures

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

For hobbyists in our store there are currently articles from manufacturers such as Audio System, B2 Audio, CTK, ESX, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Masori, Pride, SIP, SMD, Vibe Audio and Vibrofiltr.


At Masori you will find everything to integrate your new speakers, amplifier or subwoofer in your car. Let us advise you and create a complete set including the necessary accessories.