33" (84cm) Subwoofer

33" (84cm) subwoofer

33" Subwoofer - An impressive giant

A unique sound experience requires the use of exclusive equipment. Subwoofers with a diaphragm diameter of 84 cm are considered true low-frequency wonders and transform every car into a rolling bass box.
Incidentally, the top seller in this category is the HELON H 33 EVO . If you want to jump directly to the most popular brand for 33" subwoofers, we recommend you take a look at: Audio System .

The highlight in every loudspeaker system

This gigantic subwoofer with a diameter of 84 cm is a real eye-catcher and provides an incomparable sound image in the car. The model in our range is with an RMS power of 5,000 watts and a peak power of 20,000 watts an unbeatable Subwoofer. Due to the large diaphragm fast movements are avoided whereby a precise bass reproduction can be generated.

When does an 84 cm subwoofer make sense?

The use of a 33 inch subwoofer is aimed exclusively at experienced professionals and is not recommended for beginners. A subwoofer of this size requires a large enclosure with a volume of 300 liters. For this reason, the woofer only finds enough space in large cars like SUVs, SUVs or station wagons. These vehicles have a spacious trunk and at the same time offer enough storage space for the power amplifier.

Which amplifier do I need?

So that the woofer colossus can be supplied with sufficient power, a powerful amplifier unit is required. For the best possible sound result, we recommend a Class-D amplifier with at least 5,000 watts of output power. Since the 33 inch subwoofer is designed for deep bass applications the amplifier cover a wide frequency spectrum.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 84 cm subwoofers from the following manufacturers: Audio System


For car hifi enthusiasts who want to equip their sound system with an extraordinary woofer, this subwoofer is exactly the right thing. In addition to the powerful inner values, which are unparalleled, the 33-inch subwoofer from Audio System convinces with a appealing design. Due to the huge dimensions, the speaker unfortunately does not fit in every vehicle.