10" (25cm) Tiefmitteltöner

10" (25cm) bass-midrange driver

Acoustic power in the car with 10" woofers

The sound quality of a good sound system is based on powerful mid-bass drivers. Large models with a diameter of 25 cm are known for detailed midrange tones and imposing bass. The top sellers in this category, by the way, are: Rockford Fosgate PUNCH PRO PPS4-10, Pride DIAMOND 10, B2 Audio RAGE 10P. If you want to jump straight to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: B2 Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Pride.

Bass-heavy sound while listening to music

The 25 cm models are capable of producing powerful bass levels, which is already enough for many sound lovers. Among the advantages of these speakers is the wide frequency range, which, depending on the model, extends into the lower high tones. However, those who value the high pitches up to 20 kHz should equip their sound system with additional tweeter speakers speakers.

How are 25 cm woofers used?

Mid-bass drivers are used as hybrid speakers in 2-way or 3-way systems as the acoustic basis. The loudspeaker can reproduce both mid and high frequencies cleanly and without distortion. Often come 25 cm woofers also in competition vehicles for sound level contests.

What performance can I expect?

Since these are exceptionally large woofers, the large diaphragm area results in a higher RMS power. Thus, depending on the model high power ratings of up to 450 watts and peak outputs of up to 900 watts are possible. Despite these powerful levels, it can make sense for bass-oriented hifi enthusiasts to equip the sound system with a subwoofer to supplement.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

Currently, our range at Masori includes 25 cm woofers from the following manufacturers: B2 Audio, Cerwin Vega, Dragster Audio Art, Ground Zero, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, SB Acoustics, Vibe Audio


For those looking for versatile speakers, 25 cm woofers are an excellent option. Through the use of highly efficient materials results in clean reproduction between high and low frequency ranges. However, unlike smaller models, installation often involves more effort.