Low-midrange driver

Low-midrange driver

Huge selection for woofer

We have far more than 200 different bass-midrange drivers in our product range, and not without reason: bass-midrange drivers, more rarely also called midrange / woofer have to meet different requirements depending on their intended use. As a result, they also have different specifications. Since our customers are used to finding the optimal speaker with us, we offer a wide range of high-quality speakers in different sizes and price ranges.

Low-midrange speaker as an all-rounder

Low-midrange speakers represent a combination of midrange drivers and woofers. On the one hand, they are capable of reproducing the important mids. Most of the sounds that we humans know from our everyday lives occur in these midrange frequencies of about 150 to 2,000 Hz. They are well known to us and we notice Distortions immediately. On the other hand, the mid-bass driver can also reproduce the low frequencies, the basses. We distinguish the low bass up to 40 Hz, the mid bass up to 100 Hz and the upper bass up to 150 Hz. The low bass and the lower ranges of the medium bass are not the specialties of the mid-bass driver. Instead, it can reproduce the so-called kick bassa rather "dry" bass at frequencies above 50 Hz.

Use depending on system

Since the bass-midrange driver can be used very versatile, must be distinguished in practice two applications: The use in a 2-way system and the use in a 3-way system. One thing in advance: It is not to be said across-the-board that 3-way systems are always the better choice. For the optimal sound experience various factors play a role and it may well be that the 2-way system is the better decision for individual requirements. Since the mid-woofer can cover a wide range of frequencies, it results in a 2-way system in combination with a tweeter. The mid-bass driver covers frequencies up to 2,500 Hz. Treble, midrange and bass are served, a Subwoofer for the very deep basses could supplement. In the 3-way system, the mid-bass driver concentrates on the lows up to about 300 Hz, so it actually functions as a woofer. The midrange frequencies are handled by a separate midrange driver, while the tweeter and optional subwoofer remain unchanged.

The right model

Once it's clear how the new audio system should basically be set up, the best-fitting mid-bass driver must be selected. Of course, the personal feeling is ultimately decisive. However, a few clues can already determine the specifications of the individual models. Let's take a look at two of our popular top sellers: The "BLACKDEATH BDPRO 6M-V9" and the "APOCALYPSE AP-M61 SE". The former covers frequencies from 75 to 10,000 Hz, the latter 100 to 15,500 Hz. Both models can be recommended without restrictions, have the same size and are close in price. If you don't plan to install a subwoofer, but still want to experience maximum deep bass, the "BLACKDEATH" is probably your first choice. If the subwoofer is a permanent fixture, the "APOCALYPSE" might be more suitable. If you're wondering at this point why both mid-woofers also cover five-digit frequencies, while tweeters start at low four-digit frequencies: It is always important that the speakers used overlap with respect to their frequency ranges. This ensures that there are no frequency holes.

Dimensions and other specifications

The wide frequency spectrum of the woofers is also expressed in the different dimensions of the speakers. The small models have a diameter of 4 inches (20 cm), while the largest speakers come to 10 inches (38 cm). Besides the diameter, the other dimensions, the weight and the frequencies, you should also consider the Impedance should not be neglected. Usually it is 4 ohms, but can also take other values. It is important that Amplifier and loudspeaker have the same values.

Low-midrange driver - Our professional tip:

Peak power is not very meaningful and only describes the maximum power that a mid-bass driver can deliver for a short time. Much more decisive is the RMS powerwhich is the averaged power. Pay attention to this value, whereby most users will usually be satisfied with values from 120 watts RMS.

Which manufacturers does Masori distribute?

At Masori, mid-woofers are currently available from the following manufacturers: Accuton, American Bass, Audio System, B2 Audio, Blam, Cerwin Vega, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce, DLS, Edge Car Audio, ESX, FOR-X, Ground Zero, Hifonics, JL Audio, Kicker, Morel, Musway, Peerless by Tymphany, Pride, Rockford Fosgate, SB Acoustics, Scanspeak, STEG, Tang Band.


The bass-midrange driver finds its place in 2-way as well as 3-way systems. With its wide frequency spectrum it is essential for the sound experience responsible. In our large selection, there is also the right speaker for you.