Yinlong - The Pioneer in LTO Batteries

Chinese battery manufacturer Yinlong can claim to have revolutionized the global energy industry: As a pioneer in the field of LTO (Lithium Titanium Oxide) batteries, the Zhuahi-based company has been able to gain worldwide recognition in a very short time. The special feature of the LTO batteries manufactured by Yinlong is their ability to deliver extremely high currents of up to 10C and to accept equally high charging currents. LTO technology is also very safe, so there is no risk of fire even if damaged.

LTO batteries, complete sets and accessories

Yinlong offers LTO round cells in 35 Ah, 40 Ah as well as 45 Ah, for example the LTO 66160H 40 Ah cells B-Grade. The entire portfolio includes not only complete sets (see the Yinlong 6-cell battery sets 66160H 40 Ah LTO Set 2 as well as Set 4) as well as various accessories for the battery drive such as connectors, cell holders and balancers.

The differences between LTO and LiFePO4 batteries

LTO batteries of the Yinlong brand differ from LiFePO4 lithium batteries primarily in terms of service life. Compared to LiFePO4 cells, LTO batteries have a ten times higher cycle life. Another advantage of LTO technology is its lower temperature sensitivity, whereby the batteries can even be charged at temperatures below freezing.

LTO and LiFePO4 in direct comparison

Although LiFePO4 batteries are still more affordable, the prices of LTO cells have dropped significantly in recent years. It should also be kept in mind that batteries based on LiFePO4 technology have a shorter lifespan, allow lower charge/discharge currents (as low as 2C to 3C compared to 10C of LTO batteries manufactured by Yin-long), and are considered somewhat less safe.