Stetsom - Efficient high-performance amplifiers for carhifi enthusiasts

The Stetsom brand has made a name for itself around the globe as a manufacturer of particularly efficient high-performance amplifiers for car audio. The devices convince with a sophisticated design as well as an unbeatable efficiency. Thanks to the Brazilian circuit board layout designed by Stetsom, the amplifiers come in extremely compact dimensions, which despite their small size can deliver breathtaking power of up to 35,000 watts RMS.

The full range amplifiers of the Stetsom EX line

One of the top sellers of the Stetsom brand is the EX 3000 Black Edition from the Export Series, which is a line of full-range amplifiers that can be used not only for bass or front systems, but also for high frequencies. The Stetsom EX series thereby serves the worldwide need for inexpensive, but at the same time powerful amplifiers for car audio.

Powerful bass and sub-bass with the Stetsom BRAVO series

The BRAVO series from Stetsom pursues the goal of the best possible performance, power and control in terms of bass or sub-bass. As an example, the 1-channel monoblock amplifier Stetsom Bravo Bass 3k whose frequency response ranges from 8 Hz to 600 Hz. The Bravo Bass 3k is capable of reproducing powerful and equally defined bass in the highest quality and is therefore perfectly suited for use with woofers and subwoofers.

High performance, excellent sound: The Stetsom Vulcan line

The amplifiers of the Vulcan series from Stetsom are suitable for the bass to midrange - so is the 1-channel full-range amplifier VULCAN 8000-1OHMwhich offers a high maximum power as well as an excellent sound quality. Another full-range amplifier of the brand Stetsom is the IR 160.2 RCA. The 2-channel amplifier impresses with an extremely compact design, an extremely efficient circuit and a low power requirement. The IR 160.2 RCA is ideally suited for use with passive front systems.

Masori is the only official Stetsom partner in Germany.

Stetsom is now world famous for extremely efficient high power amplifiers for carhifi applications with unbeatable efficiency and design. Due to the Brazilian PCB layout of Stetsom, the amplifiers can be kept extremely small and deliver incredible power of up to 35000Watt RMS.

Stetsom Top Sellers

Stetsom's top sellers are the EX3000EQ and EX5000EQ from the export line, which are available in 1 and 2 ohms. The export line includes full range amplifiers. The
Vulcan line is designed and optimized for the mid-bass range. The brand new
DB series is optimized exclusively for the BASS range and unfolds its full potential here!

History and development

Founded in 1989 in an office of a few square meters, STETSOM today occupies an area of more than 8,000 m² and multiplies every year. At the end of 2017, more than 5 million amplifiers and car accessories have been sold in Brazil and in more than 50 countries to which the company exports.

Stetsom's history of innovation brings strength and attitude, inspired by the public's passion for car sound. STETSOM is present in the biggest sound championships in Brazil and around the world, showing that the company has always had a great strength: it was the first Brazilian company to take first place in the highly competitive dB Drag World Ranking.

But it is not only in numbers that STETSOM consolidates itself as a successful pioneer: from June 2017 to January 2018, the quality management system was implemented in all internal processes, and in February of the same year it obtained ISO 9001 certification.