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CS Batteries

CS100M - 100Ah LiFePO4


€1.074,00 €859,00

CS80M - 80Ah LiFePO4


€949,00 €759,00

CS20M - 20Ah LiFePO4


€437,00 €349,00

CS60M - 60Ah LiFePO4


€812,00 €649,00

CS40M - 40Ah LiFePO4


€674,00 €539,00

CS-Batteries - high quality lithium batteries - optimal for carhifi applications

As a pioneer in the development and optimization of batteries, accumulators and charging cells, CS-Electronic has set worldwide standards in the market since its foundation in 1979. Today, the technological lead serves especially the further development of existing batteries and the innovation of new market-driven and powerful battery cells. Masori is an official dealer for high quality and innovative batteries and accumulators from CS-Batteries. Find now your battery for your car, boat or motorhome hifi project!

CS-Batteries - LiFePo4 car batteries

In large variety in the shop are the LiFePo4 car batteries from CS-Batteries. The lithium batteries are suitable thereby by the high longevity particularly as everyday use and continuous use with Carhifi applications. Replacing the old batteries with the new LiFePo4 technologies brings you more powerful and long-lasting batteries, whichcan be installed in any position without leaking .

Advantages of CS-Batteries LiFePo4 batteries

With the further development of nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, lead and gel batteries, the new high-quality LiFePo4 batteries from CS-Batteries offer you powerful and durable lithium batteries for the Carhifi-foruse in cars, motorhomes and boats.

  • high current capacity & performance
  • long life span
  • good thermal stability
  • better safety compared to conventional technologies

The spectrum of batteries with modern lithium cells is large and not all versions are suitable for every application. Lithium cells are offered as lithium polymer, lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate. In the portfolio of Masori you will find the optimal usable batteries for the Carhifi area in capacities from 20-100Ah.