All about full range loudspeakers

If installing a coaxial speaker is not an option, full-range speakers are an optimal alternative to create an excellent sound image in the vehicle. By the way, the top sellers in this category are: Tang Band W4-2142, Peerless by Tymphany NE95W-04, Musway MG3M. If you want to jump straight to the most popular brands, we recommend you take a look at: Peerless by Tymphany, Tang band, Musway.

Alternative to the coaxial speaker

Full range full range loudspeaker cover the complete musical relevant frequency range from the fundamental to the treble. Unlike coaxial speakers, full-range speakers are not differentiated into 2-way or 3-way speakers, as they perform the tasks of the midrange and tweeter with a single diaphragm.

When are full-range drivers useful?

Full-range speakers are recommended in any sound system and can be installed flexibly. The speakers are available in different sizes and power levels and make the use of an additional tweeter unnecessary. Full-range speakers are recommended for sound lovers who have high sound demands on a front system and want to use this install space saving want to install.

What should I look out for in full-range ribbons?

Depending on where the speakers are to be installed, the diameter and installation depth are important aspects. In addition to the design also plays the RMS power, a wide frequency response and a high sound pressure level (dB) play a decisive role. When connected to a amplifier the impedance value must be higher than that of the power amplifier, otherwise sound degradation and damage to the hardware will occur.

What manufacturers offers Masori?

Currently, our range at Masori includes full-range speakers from the following manufacturers: Accuton, ARC Audio, Blam, DD Audio, Ground Zero, Musway, Peerless By Tymphany, Purifi Audio, SB Acoustics, Scanspeak, STEG


Full range loudspeakers reproduce the complete frequency spectrum with one speaker cone, except for the low frequency ranges. Who does not need complex multi-channel sound systems in their car, are best served with full-range speakers in combination with a powerful subwoofer or mid-woofer.