Scanspeak - Handmade High-End Sound from Denmark

Founded in 1970, Scanspeak is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-end transducers for the world's most prestigious loudspeaker brands in the home audio/video, professional, aftermarket automotive and aerospace industries. Scanspeak's products range from tweeters and ring radiators to full-range drivers, mid-range drivers, bass-midrange drivers and subwoofers. All drivers are handcrafted to fully meet the high quality standards. The Scanspeak portfolio also convinces with the use of the highest quality materials, for example neodymium magnets as drives or beryllium domes of tweeters. Scanspeak brand products are distributed to various OEM/ODM customers in more than 35 countries. Thanks to the most careful design as well as technical innovation, the Scanspeak noble forge is synonymous with audiophile top sound.

Discover the dynamic sound characteristics of the Discovery Series

The best known Scanspeak representative in the wideband segment is probably the Discovery 10F/4424G00. This 4" midrange driver from the Discovery series was designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of audiophile customers. For this purpose, several novel technologies have been developed to reduce distortion and attenuation to an absolute minimum. The result is a uniquely dynamic, clear and open music reproduction.

The unique midrange and bass-midrange drivers of the Illuminator series

Scanspeak's Illuminator Series midrange and bass-midrange drivers - such as the midrange driver Illuminator 12MU/4731T00 or the bass-midrange driver Illuminator 18WU/4747T00 - can be described as unique in many respects: An open design, a patented underhang voice coil system with neodymium drive and a patented cone provide an extremely low-loss linear excursion. A real price / performance recommendation!

Revelator series - woofers and subwoofers of a special kind

Characteristic for the woofers and subwoofers of the Scanspeak Revelator series are the very stiff membranes made of paper or aluminum, which cover a wide frequency range. As an example, the 9" subwoofer Revelator 23W/4557T02 can be mentioned as an example, which can shine with very low distortion, a smooth and well-tuned frequency response as well as an optimal transient reproduction.