miniDSP - DSP's for a wide range of applications

Founded in 2009, the tech company miniDSP is dedicated to producing high-quality digital signal processing (DSP) platforms for audio applications such as the miniDSP SHD (Streaming High Definition). In addition, the Hong Kong-based company also appears as a manufacturer of measurement equipment such as measurement microphones.

UMIK-1 - Measurement microphone with integrated sound card

One of the best-selling measurement microphones of the miniDSP brand is the UMIK-1. As a true all-rounder, the device has an integrated sound card, so that the UMIK-1 simply has to be connected via USB-C to the PC. Since this plug & play measurement microphone works completely autonomously, measurement inaccuracies caused by the PC's sound card can be excluded. For use with OS X and Linux no drivers are necessary, for integration with Microsoft Windows miniDSP has developed its own ASIO driver.

UMIK-2 - the further development of a top seller

The latest version of this measurement microphone is the UMIK-2which, just like its predecessor, has an integrated sound card. Thanks to a large 13 mm microphone capsule, a particularly reduced background noise is ensured. The distortion performance has also been improved again compared to the UMIK-1. The measurement signal is converted by means of the built-in ADC, which has a 32-bit resolution, while retaining the original quality. To achieve the highest possible measurement accuracy, the UMIK-2 - like the UMIK-1 - is recommended by Dirac Live (V3.x and higher) and REW (Room Equalisation Wizard).

C-DSP 6x8 - space-saving and powerful

The many years of experience of miniDSP come together in the digital signal processor C-DSP 6X8 digital signal processor. A lot of processing power including six inputs as well as eight outputs were packed into a small but extremely robust housing - perfectly suited for multi-way setups. The device is controlled in real time via a driverless USB interface.