STEG Audio - Performance and quality without compromise

For more than three decades, STEG has stood for uncompromising performance and quality in the car audio sector. The product range extends from very small power amplifiers with high efficiency to loudspeaker systems with high efficiency and authentic sound reproduction to large and particularly powerful car power amplifiers. In addition, STEG Audio offers a diverse selection of high-quality vehicle-specific speaker systems for the brands Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, Tesla and VW.

Low-distortion sound reproduction with attention to detail

The focus of all products developed by STEG Audio is on outstanding workmanship and special attention to detail. Thus, STEG offers car audio components for the true music lover, for example the STEG SQ32, which feature a 32 mm, extremely lightweight Tetolon cone, a high-density neodymium magnet, and a double-layer wound voice coil. These high end fabric tweeters offer reduced harmonics with a natural, detailed and distortion-free sound.

Turn your Mercedes into a concert hall

If you want to turn your Mercedes into a three-dimensional soundstage, we recommend the two-way kit BZ40 AIIwhich STEG Audio designed especially for vehicles of the C-Class (W205), GLC (X253), E-Class (W213) and S-Class (W222). The set consists of two tweeters (25 mm), two midrange drivers with neodymium magnets, two crossovers and a plug & play cable set.

Small dimensions, big sound: the SDSP-10 DSP amplifier

Brand-new from STEG Audio is the DSP amplifier SDSP-10which scores with compact dimensions and improved sound. This is a Class D 10-channel high-end amplifier with integrated DSP and included remote control.

High-quality under-seat subwoofer for BMW and MINI

For owners of a BMW or MINI, the STEG Audio under-seat subwoofer is the perfect choice. BM8II with neodymium magnet. A paper diaphragm and a 50 mm large, heavy-duty voice coil provide plenty of steam in the low frequency ranges. STEG Italy stands with GT-Trading for over 30 years for uncompromising quality and performance in the CarHifif area. Known from the Sound Quality area, with the STEG K-Series power amplifiers: K2.01, K2.02, K2.03 and K2.04 as stereo power amplifiers and the K4.01 and K4.02 as 4-channel, they are constantly expanding their portfolio. Newly added are ultra compact Class D amplifiers, the DST series: DST 202D, DST 401D MKII and DST 850D MKII. The whole is completed with the Class AB ST and QM Series amplifiers ST 202, ST 401 and ST 402, as well as QM75.4 and QM 500.1.

Exclusively in Germany, you get only with us, the new SPL range amplifiers. Which stand out from the market due to numerous patented technologies.

The SPL Class D amplifiers Niko 1.7000, K1.2500, K1.5000 and K2.04D in Class D digital technology, are not only absolute eye-catchers at any event, but also have oversized regulated power supplies, even with voltage drops to 9V, the full power unfold, which can secure you at SPL and dB-Drag championships the first places.

In the high-end SQ range, for sound enthusiasts, the further developed STEG MASTERSTROKE MSK amplifiers are high on the "must-have" list. Through hand-selected components and pure CLASS-A (STEG MSK CLASS-A), as well as CLASS AB (STEG MSK 1500) technology, they offer the maximum in audiophility, which you can get out of an amplifier.